Ville Neuve
Ville Neuve

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Ville Neuve | 2018 | Félix Dufour-Laperrière | Canada | 76:00

Summer by the sea on Quebec’s Atlantic coast. Joseph moves into a friend’s house. He convinces Emma, his ex-wife, to join him there. While the 1995 referendum campaign on Quebec’s independence is thriving, houses are burning, speeches are clashing as lovers find each other and fall in love again. Will they part once more?

In this film of poetry and compelling images, the intimate and the collective destinies resonate in the coastal village of Ville Neuve. Joseph will fall and later rise, for a fragile redemption in a Quebec, perhaps, at the dawn of its independence.

L’été au bord de la mer sur la côte atlantique du Québec. Joseph emménage dans la maison d’un ami. Il convainc Emma, son ex-conjointe, de le rejoindre là-bas. Alors que la campagne du référendum de 1995 sur l’indépendance du Québec bat son plein, des maisons brûlent et des discours s’entrechoquent pendant que des amants se retrouvent et tombent amoureux à nouveau. Se sépareront-ils encore? 

Dans ce film poétique, intime, aux images époustouflantes, les destinées intimes et collectives résonnent dans le village côtier de Ville Neuve. Joseph tombera, et plus tard, se relèvera, pour une rédemption fragile dans un Québec peut-être à l’aube de son indépendance.

"The film walks between the destiny of a couple and that of a nation, sometimes mirroring the other, sometimes simply resonant, but always linked together."
- La Fabrique Culturelle


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About the Director
Born in 1981 in Chicoutimi, Quebec, Félix Dufour-Laperrière studied in Montreal where he currently works. Director, and screenwriter, his work includes animated films, documentary essays and experimental shorts. His work, which shows a constant tension between narrative and formal exploration, always maintain a close relationship with the visual and contemporary arts. His films (One, Two, Three, Dusk (2006), Rosa Rosa (2008), M (2008) and Transatlantic (2014), among others), have been screened at numerous national and international festivals, museums and events, where they won several awards. Ville Neuve, his first feature-length animated film, is entirely drawn with ink on paper. He is currently working on Archipelago, an animated documentary and developing his second animated feature film, Death Does Not Exist

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