Volunteer at OIAF 2022



This Festival is one of a kind, attracting movie buffs, art lovers, filmmakers, and cartoon fans from around the world, bringing them together in one place, for one special event, once a year. An event of this scale would not be possible without the enthusiasm, commitment, and hard work of the volunteers who support the Festival every year. 

Learn more at our volunteer orientation session, happening Tuesday, September 6 at Club SAW, 67 Nicholas from 6 to 8pm.   RSVP HERE 

Why Volunteer with the OIAF?

It’s a fun way to get involved with the Festival and meet new people.

You can get volunteer hours for school.

Or maybe you’ve heard (correctly) that if you work two full shifts (approximately 8 hours) for the OIAF, you get FREE access to the screenings and talks at this year’s Festival.

Find out how to get involved here.

Want to take on more at the Festival and get some great work experience? Take on a Volunteer Leadership Role. Get more information here.

How to Volunteer

  1. Check out our newly updated Volunteer Handbook for more information about what you can expect in helping the OIAF and see what you can apply for in our NEW Volunteer Positions Guide.
  2. If you haven’t already done so, REGISTER an Eventival OIAF account; click the green LOGIN button at the top of the site or click here!
  3. You’ll see the volunteer application, on the OIAF’s Eventival Visitors Page. Click “OIAF 2022 Volunteer Form” located on the left-hand side menu.
  4. Fill out the Volunteer Form indicating your availability and position preferences. Click submit.
  5. You will receive an email confirming that you have registered as a volunteer.
  6. In late July, if your application is accepted, you will receive an e-mail inviting you to log into the OIAF Visitor Page and confirm the shifts you’ve been assigned.



The OIAF has OPEN Volunteer Leadership Roles!

For those looking to take on more substantial volunteer roles at the Festival, we will be recruiting for several key leadership positions. These positions are best suited for repeat volunteers, people with expertise in certain fields, or those who want to gain experience and beef up their resumes. Volunteer Leaders must have more time and flexibility than regular volunteers, as these positions span several days/hours. Being friendly, confident, mature, and reliable is a must!

Feel free to take a look at the Leadership Positions available below, and if you are interested in applying, please send your resume and position(s) of choice to volunteer@animationfestival.ca as soon as possible!



Virtual Reality Stations will be open throughout the Festival at the Arts Court Building, giving Festival-goers the unique opportunity to try out state-of-the-art technology.

Days/Hours: Thurs Sept 22 to Sun Sept 25, 10am to 9:30pm (you will not be scheduled for the entirety of these hours, but your shifts will be within these hours)

Requirements: familiarity with VR systems, technical experience/able to troubleshoot, personable

Responsibilities: train volunteers to use and troubleshoot VR equipment, oversee all volunteers and locations, ensure everything runs smoothly, assist guests as needed



The Animators’ Picnic is a festival favourite with big industry names in attendance. Guests at this Passholders-only event enjoy a complimentary lunch and a pumpkin carving contest.

Location: Strathcona Park

Day/Hours: Fri Sept 23, 8:30am to 5:00pm

Requirements: SmartServe, experience overseeing a team, responsible, First Aid/CPR an asset

Responsibilities: Assist with event coordination, train and oversee volunteers, delegate tasks, oversee break schedule and ensure that volunteers actually take a break, resolve issues as needed





Parties and special events are a huge part of OIAF. Work directly with the Special Events Coordinator in the office and on-site at some amazing parties!

Days/Hours: Late August/early September to early October, shifts to be determined

Requirements: Willingness to run around and do what needs to be done, flexibility, available most nights during Festival Week (Sept 21 to 25), have own transportation, SmartServe is an asset

Responsibilities: Assist with logistics and collection of supplies, prepare and post signage for each event, maintain constant communication with other teams to ensure successful execution of events, be on location for most parties to ensure that everything runs smoothly (and to troubleshoot as needed), handle a variety of other tasks that will pop up when least expected!


Night Owl is a late-night party filled with music, gaming, animation, drawing, and drinks, and is a chance for festival attendees to let loose after a busy few days. This year we are taking over the Arts Court!

Location: Arts Court

Day/Hours: Sat Sept 24, 6:00pm to 2:30am

Requirements: own transportation home, SmartServe, able to work in a fast-paced and highly stimulating/energetic environment, able to multitask

Responsibilities: Assist with event coordination, oversee and delegate tasks to volunteers, assist guests as needed, handle any issues that arise, ensure volunteers have a break.



Family Day is a full-day event dedicated to teaching kids and youth about the many wonders of animation through special workshops and screenings made just for kids. The OIAF is looking for a Team Lead to help with conducting the volunteers on site for the day and assisting with workshops and visitor inquiries as needed.

Location: Ottawa Art Gallery

Day/Hours: Sat Sept 24, 8:30am to 3:30pm

Requirements: responsible, friendly, enthusiastic, enjoys working with kids

Responsibilities: Assist Festival staff with event logistics, train volunteers, oversee and delegate tasks to volunteers, interact with and assist kids, youth and families


TAC (The Animation Conference) is held at the Fairmont Château Laurier, brings together key players in the North American and international markets, and provides a forum for active networking, practical information exchange, and trade in a comfortable and intimate environment. If you want to produce animation and meet people in the industry, this is the position for you!

Days/Hours: Wed Sept 21 to Fri Sept 23, 8:00am to 5:30pm

Requirements: Professional demeanour, casual business attire, able to work independently, leader, excellent at multitasking

Responsibilities: Assist Festival staff with pre-event logistics and move-in, supervise volunteers, delegate tasks, assist with registration, make sure everything is running smoothly, assist wherever necessary, help with move-out at the end of the conference



Animation Exposé is a full-day event, hosting a number of talks and screenings on various topics pertaining to animation, and is an opportunity for those looking to break into the industry, as well as fans, to get to look behind the scenes of the industry.

Location: National Arts Centre

Day/Hours: Sat Sept 24, 8:30am to 6:30pm

Requirements: responsible, personable

Responsibilities: Assist Festival staff with event logistics, train volunteers, oversee and delegate tasks to volunteers, interact with and assist guests



Chez Ani Café is set up in the Arts Court Building and will be open for the duration of the Festival, serving coffee, snacks, and alcoholic beverages.

Days/Hours: Wed Sept 21 to Sun Sept 25, 8:00am to 9:30pm (you will not be scheduled for the entirety of these hours, but your shifts will be within these hours)

Requirements: SmartServe, experience with serving/bartending, personable, energetic, able to multitask, able to delegate

Responsibilities: run the cafe – train volunteer bartenders/baristas, keep cafe organized, handle cash and debit transactions, provide excellent customer service



The OIAF wouldn’t be the same without its dedicated team of volunteers. Work directly with the Volunteer Coordinator on-site and in the OIAF Office! 

Days/Hours: Early September to early October, shifts to be determined

Requirements: Willingness to learn, personable, able to delegate, flexibility, willing to do a variety of tasks, and lots of availability during Festival Week (Sept 21 – 25) is a huge asset!

Responsibilities: Help coordinate volunteer shift schedule, assist with volunteer orientation, oversee volunteers, delegate tasks, prepare volunteers passes, answer phone calls/emails, be willing to complete the plethora of unforseen tasks that will come up during Festival Week!



The Festival receives a large number of international guests at the beginning of Festival week, and we need your help greeting them as they arrive in Ottawa. You will be in charge of a team of greeters, who will welcome guests and escort them to our Festival Drivers, so they can be shuttled to their destination.

Location: Ottawa International Airport 

Days/Hours: Mon Sept 19 to Sun Sept 25, hours will vary

Requirements: Friendly, personable, welcoming, able to delegate

Responsibilities: Retrieve the day’s flight schedule and signage for each guest from Guest Services. Assign a team to locations (you work in a team of three; one in domestic arrivals, one in international arrivals, and one at our Kiosk), oversee and ensure that guests and luggage get to the drivers in a timely manner. Anticipate flight delays and plan accordingly. Maintain constant communication with the Guest Services Coordinator.