Sept 21 – 22, 2022

Speed-pitching sessions for animation content creators.

Available exclusively to TAC AnimaPass-holders.

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If you plan to pitch a project, find the perfect production company for your ideas, and establish important relationships, Fast Track, powered by Tonic DNA, will help you get there! Fast Track gives you one shot to meet with each of your targets for speed-pitching meetings under 15 minutes.

Fast Track’s line-up consists of producers, platforms, and distributors from around the globe! These executives reflect a wide range of production interests and expectations, and will be looking for:

  • Series, shorts and features
  • Target audiences ranging from preschool to adult
  • Development stages from concepts to completed projects
  • Content from any market (worldwide)


Fast Track is available exclusively to eligible fully registered TAC passholders. TAC passholders must complete a brief pre-screening questionnaire in the OIAF visitor portal hosted by Eventival, which will be used to determine eligibility for Fast Track. Meeting registration will be open for approved participants September 6 – 20.

Participating executives include:


Mary Bredin, Creative Producer/President, Green Tiger /TeamTO (Canada)

Tanya Green, Head of Preschool, Mainframe Studios (Canada)

Chloé Rui Guo, CEO, CHLOE G. CULTURE (China)  

Marc Hartlen, Development, Nelvana (Canada)

Brandon Lane, Development Producer, Nelvana (Canada)

Curtis Lelash, Executive Producer, Keep It Fun (United States)

Dave Padbury, Development Executive, Guru Studio (Canada)

Adam Rumanek, CEO, Aux Mode (Canada)

Linda Simensky, Head of Animation and Scripted Content, Duolingo (United States)

Karen Swerdfeger, VP of Development, Big Jump Entertainment (Canada)

Francois Trudel, VP – Executive Producer, PVP MEDIA (Canada)

Cliff Xiao, Business Development, (Singapore)

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