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From September 17th to 21st, the nation's capital will once again become the center of the animation universe. The Ottawa International Animation Festival (OIAF) is the largest event of its kind in North America, a major film event attracting attendees from around the world. Film buffs, art lovers and cartoon fans thoroughly enjoyed this year's great line up of screenings. Here's what they had to say about our 2013 festival:

"There is no greater luxury, or more soul satisfying way to spend one's time than watching animation, and the OIAF delivers stellar international animation programmes that act as lightning rods attracting the world's brightest creative minds to Ottawa each year. OIAF's rock-solid artistic foundation and event planning make possible the REAL magic of the Festival: it's friendly, casual and intimately creative vibe – every single year I leave OIAF with more friends and collaborators than I started with!"
Nick Pagee, Curator TIFF Kids digiPlaySpace Programmer, TIFF Kids International Film Festival

"OIAF was so inspirational; I have never been more in love with animation!"
Kristen, Animation Student

"What I love about OIAF is that while I'm there am too far from the studio to worry about work so all I can do is spend time with friends new and old living and breathing only the things we love about animation."
Barry Sanders, Animation Industry Professional

"OIAF was an amazing experience for me as an animation student. Getting to meet so many inspirational members of the animation industry was invaluable."
Renata Davis, Animation Student

"I always leave the Ottawa Animation Festival excited to work on a new film."
Tom Schroeder, Independent Animation Artist

"If you want to be in the animation business, this is THE festival to attend."
Laura Ducharme, Producer

"Hands down the most important festival I go to each year, bar none."
Malcolm Turner, director Melbourne International Animation Festival, Co-Director London International Animation Festival, Animation Programmer New Zealand Film Festival, Animation Revelations Co-Ordinator Auckland University of Technology

"Thanks for consistently being the most down-to-earth and inspiring animation festival that I have had the opportunity to attend. Every time I attend OIAF I leave feeling creatively-full, inspired, and eager to share everything that I learned and experienced, both with my students as well as my colleagues."
Sarah Hanson, Educator

"Year after year, along with screening bleeding edge animation from all over the world, OIAF provides an opportunity to connect with the international animation community on a deep and profound level."
Brooke Keesling, Broadcast Industry Professional

"My most favorite festival in all the world. An animation nerds dream."
Leah Shore, Independent Animation Artist

"The best five days in animation!"
Charles Wilson, Independent Animation Artist

"The Ottawa International Animation Festival is my favorite stop on the festival circuit. The Ottawa International Animation Festival continues to shine, consistently bringing together the best people and showcasing the best work."
Dan Sarto, AWN.com

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