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David OReilly at OIAF 14
OIAF 14 Jury
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From September 17th to 21st, the nation's capital will once again become the center of the animation universe. The Ottawa International Animation Festival (OIAF) is the largest event of its kind in North America, a major film event attracting attendees from around the world. Film buffs, art lovers and cartoon fans thoroughly enjoyed this year's great line up of screenings. Here's what they had to say about our 2013 festival:

"There is no greater luxury, or more soul satisfying way to spend one's time than watching animation, and the OIAF delivers stellar international animation programmes that act as lightning rods attracting the world's brightest creative minds to Ottawa each year. OIAF's rock-solid artistic foundation and event planning make possible the REAL magic of the Festival: it's friendly, casual and intimately creative vibe – every single year I leave OIAF with more friends and collaborators than I started with!"
Nick Pagee, Curator TIFF Kids digiPlaySpace Programmer, TIFF Kids International Film Festival

"OIAF was so inspirational; I have never been more in love with animation!"
Kristen, Animation Student

"What I love about OIAF is that while I'm there am too far from the studio to worry about work so all I can do is spend time with friends new and old living and breathing only the things we love about animation."
Barry Sanders, Animation Industry Professional

"OIAF was an amazing experience for me as an animation student. Getting to meet so many inspirational members of the animation industry was invaluable."
Renata Davis, Animation Student

"I always leave the Ottawa Animation Festival excited to work on a new film."
Tom Schroeder, Independent Animation Artist

"If you want to be in the animation business, this is THE festival to attend."
Laura Ducharme, Producer

"Hands down the most important festival I go to each year, bar none."
Malcolm Turner, director Melbourne International Animation Festival, Co-Director London International Animation Festival, Animation Programmer New Zealand Film Festival, Animation Revelations Co-Ordinator Auckland University of Technology

"Thanks for consistently being the most down-to-earth and inspiring animation festival that I have had the opportunity to attend. Every time I attend OIAF I leave feeling creatively-full, inspired, and eager to share everything that I learned and experienced, both with my students as well as my colleagues."
Sarah Hanson, Educator

"Year after year, along with screening bleeding edge animation from all over the world, OIAF provides an opportunity to connect with the international animation community on a deep and profound level."
Brooke Keesling, Broadcast Industry Professional

"My most favorite festival in all the world. An animation nerds dream."
Leah Shore, Independent Animation Artist

"The best five days in animation!"
Charles Wilson, Independent Animation Artist

"The Ottawa International Animation Festival is my favorite stop on the festival circuit. The Ottawa International Animation Festival continues to shine, consistently bringing together the best people and showcasing the best work."
Dan Sarto, AWN.com

David OReilly at OIAF 14
Irish boy wonder, David OReilly (The External World, Please Say Something) will be one of the star-studded guests at OIAF 14. Alongside a retrospective of his films, David will serve as a jury member and sit down for a live chitchat for Chris Robinson's The Animation Pimpcast.

Here is OReilly's delicious OIAF 14 Poster:


More OIAF14 morsels coming soon. Stay tuned!
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Claire BlanchetClaire Blanchet

Claire Blanchet is a Montreal-based filmmaker. Originally from Fredericton, her love of drawing and movement led her to Concordia University's animation program. Past projects include Trash and No Star! (2008), co-directed with Karl Lemieux, and The Wobble Incident (2009), co-directed with Sam Vipond. The End of Pinky is her most recent film, an animated short based on the fiction of internationally acclaimed author Heather O'Neill.

Claire Blanchet est cinéaste à Montréal. Originaire de Fredericton, son amour pour le dessin et le mouvement l’a menée à suivre le cursus d'animation de l'Université Concordia. Parmi ses premiers projets, on trouve Trash and No Star ! (2008), co -réalisé avec Karl Lemieux, et Wobble Incident (2009), co-réalisé avec Sam Vipond. The End of Pinky est son film le plus récent, un court métrage d'animation basé sur l’œuvre de fiction de l'auteur de renommée internationale, Heather O'Neill.


Philip HuntPhilip Hunt

Philip Hunt is a Director & Co-Owner at STUDIO AKA – a multi-BAFTA winning & Oscar Nominated independent animation studio based in London and known internationally for its idiosyncratic & innovative work. A postgraduate of the Royal College of Art in London, Philip’s diverse body of Directing work ranges from the multi-award winning short film AH POOK IS HERE - an interpretation of recordings by the late William S. Burroughs - to the half-hour children’s film LOST AND FOUND – based on the picture book by OLIVER JEFFERS – which has been honoured with 61 International awards including a BAFTA for Best Children’s Animation.

Philip Hunt est réalisateur et co-gérant du STUDIO AKA - studio d'animation indépendant basé à Londres, multiple gagnant du BAFTA, nominé aux Oscars et connu internationalement pour son travail singulier et novateur. Ancien étudiant de troisième cycle de la Royal College of Art à Londres, le travail de réalisation de Philip s’étend de son court-métrage plusieurs fois primé Ah Pook is here - à son interprétation des enregistrements du regretté William S. Burroughs - en passant par son film pour enfants d’une demi-heure Lost and Found - basé sur le livre illustré d’ Oliver Jeffers - honoré par 61 récompenses internationales, dont un BAFTA pour la meilleure animation pour enfants.

Patrice JamesPatrice James

Patrice James is presently the Executive Director of the Independent Filmmakers Co-operative of Ottawa Inc. (IFCO). She has extensive training in several aspects of film, television and video production, and is herself a practicing filmmaker. Patrice was one of three finalists in 2012 vying to receive Ottawa’s top annual arts prize; the Victor Tolgesy Award, which is given annually to an individual who has “contributed substantially” to culture in Ottawa.

Patrice James est actuellement la directrice exécutive de l'Independent Filmmakers Co-operative Inc. d'Ottawa (IFCO). Elle a une formation approfondie dans de nombreux domaines du cinéma, de la télévision et de la production vidéo, et est elle-même cinéaste à ses heures. Patrice était l’une des trois finalistes en lice en 2012 pour le prix annuel du meilleur artiste d'Ottawa, le Prix Victor Tolgesy, décerné chaque année à une personne qui a "largement contribué" à la culture d’Ottawa.

David OReilly
David OReillyDavid OReilly is an Irish animator based in Los Angeles. A bright star on the international short film circuit, OReilly is known for his groundbreaking lo-fi 3D animation, absurdist sense of humor along with his clever and playful use of social media. His design and film work has won him a big boatload of awards at too many festivals to fit the required space here. It should be said though that Please Say Something was awarded Best Narrative Animation at OIAF 09 while The External World grabbed the Grand Prize at OIAF 10.


David OReilly est un animateur irlandais basé à Los Angeles. Etoile brillante de la scène internationale du court-métrage, OReilly est connu pour son animation brute et avant-gardiste, son sens de l'humour absurde et son utilisation intelligente et ludique des réseaux sociaux. Sa manière de dessiner et de réaliser lui ont valu pléthore de prix dans de trop nombreux festivals pour pouvoir les énumérer ici. Mais il faut quand même noter que Please Say Something a été élu meilleur film d’animation narratif de l’OIAF en 99 et que The External World a eu lui le Grand Prix de l’OIAF en 2010.

Maria TereschenkoMaria Tereschenko

Maria Tereschenko is a journalist writing about animation and animation programmer. Maria writes articles about modern animation for dozens of influential Russian publications. She is also the co-founder and artistic director of the largest Russian annual animation show Big Cartoon Festival and a supervisor of annual animation show Russian animation. She also developed and organized a number of special events, dedicated to animation and has made special programs and projects for Open Russian Festival of Animated films at Suzdal, International animation festival KROK and Russian Association of Animated Films.

Maria Tereschenko est une journaliste spécialiste de l'animation et programmatrice d'animation. Maria écrit des articles sur l'animation moderne pour des dizaines de titres de presse russes influents. Elle est également co-fondatrice et directrice artistique du plus grand salon annuel de l'animation russe Big Cartoon Festival et supervise l'animation du spectacle annuel Russian animation. Elle a également développé et organisé un certain nombre d'événements spécialisés, dédiés à l'animation et a monté des programmes et des projets spéciaux pour l’Open Russian Festival of Animated film de Souzdal, pour le festival d'animation international KROK et pour l'Association russe du film d'animation.

Tom Warburton
Tom Warburton

Tom Warburton is the creator of Cartoon Network’s sooper giant hit original series Codename: Kids Next Door. Mr. Warburton has previously served as a director for Cartoon Network’s Sheep in The Big City, lead character designer for Disney’s Pepper Ann, and spent five years at commercial studio J.J. Sedelmaier Productions where he served as production designer on MTV’s Beavis and Butthead, director on new episodes of Schoolhouse Rock and Saturday Night Live’s TV Funhouse. His first picture book 1000 Times No was released in 2009. Lately Mr. Warburton has been at Disney where he’s served as creative director on Fish Hooks and co-exec producer of The 7D!

Tom Warburton est le créateur de la colossale série originale Codename : Kids Next Door sur Cartoon Network. M. Warburton a auparavant réalisé Sheep in The Big City pour Cartoon Network, supervisé le design des personnages pour Disney, et a passé cinq ans dans le studio j.j.Sedelmaier productions où il était chef décorateur pour Beavis et Butthead sur MTV, puis réalisateur des nouveaux épisodes de Schoolhouse Rock et Saturday Night Live sur Funhouse TV. Son premier livre illustré 1000 Times No a été publié en 2009. Récemment, M. Warburton est revenu chez Disney comme directeur artistique sur Fish Hooks et co-producteur de 7D !