Official Competition / Showcase Screenings
The highlight of the Ottawa International Animation Festival are the Official Competition screenings.  These programs feature the best new animation from around the world.  

On average, the OIAF receives over 2100 submissions each year. The OIAF programming team selects approximately 100 finalists to be featured in the Official Competition. Additional films are shown out-of-competition in Showcase screenings.   

OIAF competition includes categories for narrative, experimental, student, commissioned and feature animation. There is also a separate competition for films and TV shows made for children. Prizes will be awarded to category winners along with Grand Prizes for Independent Short Animation and Feature Animation.

During the Festival, three official juries sit with the audience and judge the short, feature and children’s competition screenings. The Short and Feature jury members are chosen from the international animation community. The children’s jury is comprised of Ottawa-area children. Jury decisions are announced during the OIAF’s awards ceremony on the Saturday evening of each festival. A screening of a selection of award-winning films follows on the festival’s closing night.

At their discretion, the International Juries may also award additional special prizes. The Juries have the right to withhold an award where no entry, in its view, meets the standards for recognition. 
Special Screenings
OIAF 15 Special Screenings/ programmes spéciaux

If It Ain't Broke: Contemporary Uses of Traditional Techniques

All screenings are recommended not suitable for children unless otherwise stated

To complement its competition and showcase screenings, the OIAF also presents a number of screenings devoted to individual artists, countries, schools, techniques, themes or historical periods. These screenings are often proposed and curated by both OIAF and outside programmers. 

Pour compléter ses programmes en compétition et panoramas, l’OIAF présente également plusieurs séances consacrées à des artistes particuliers, des pays, des écoles, des techniques, des thèmes ou des périodes historiques. Ces projections sont proposées et organisées par les programmateurs de l’OIAF et de l'extérieur.

brokeIf It Ain't Broke: Contemporary Uses of Traditional Techniques
Curated by/organisée par Keltie Duncan

Still: Marcel the Shell 'THREE' (2014)

With so many digital tools at an animator’s disposal, today’s animation techniques are becoming increasingly computer-based. Sometimes the result shows off its digital aesthetic, and other times films digitally simulate the look of analog materials. Chalk, paint, sand, clay, puppets, pen on paper; all these techniques can be convincingly simulated digitally with wonderful and sophisticated technologies. Nothing wrong with that, of course, but as it’s less common these days to come across an animated short created completely IRL. This program showcases and celebrates contemporary films in which directors braved the tedium and mess of analog animation in a world of digital solutions, and aims to pay homage to ye animation techniques of olde.

S'il n'est pas trop tard: Exemples contemporains de techniques traditionnelles et non-numériques

Avec autant d'outils numériques à disposition des animateurs, les techniques d'animation d'aujourd'hui sont de plus en plus informatisées. Parfois, le résultat nous montre une esthétique numérique, d'autres fois cela nous donne l'impression d'une production plus traditionnelle avec des procédés analogiques. Craie, peinture, sable, argile, marionnettes, crayons sur papier; toutes ces techniques peuvent être vraiment convaincantes en étant simulées grâce aux merveilleuses technologies sophistiquées. Rien de mal à cela, bien sûr, mais cela devient moins fréquent de nos jours de découvrir des courts-métrages d'animation créés de manière entièrement traditionnelle. Ce programme dépeint et célèbre des films contemporains dont les réalisateurs ont bravé le côté fastidieux et rébarbatif de l'animation traditionnelle dans notre monde aux solutions numériques. Il rend hommage aux bonnes vieilles techniques d'animation.

Film Contact Info
For film contact information for any of the 2014 Ottawa International Animation Festival participants, please download this handy PDF.