OIAF 2022 Selections

2022 Official Competition


This year the Ottawa International Animation Festival received a total of 2457 entries from 96 different countries. Of those, 62 short films, including Animated Series, and seven feature films were chosen for competition. There are five projects in the running for Best Virtual Reality (VR).

In addition, a number of films will be selected for the Canadian Student Competition and a number of panorama films will be chosen to represent the efforts of the Canadian, international, and student communities.




The Official Competition section consists of works selected by the festival programming team (Chris Robinson, Devin Hartley, Ben Compton).

Three official juries will judge the Short, Feature, and Young Audience Competition screenings during the festival. The Short and Feature jury members are chosen from the international animation community. The Young Audience jury is composed of children from the Ottawa area.

On Saturday, September 24th at 7:30 pm, the Juries will announce the award-winning films during the OIAF’s Awards Ceremony being held in the Canada Room at the National Arts Centre.

A Best of Ottawa 2022 screening (a selection of the Festival’s award-winning films) will be screened on Sunday, September 25 at 7:00 pm and 9:00 pm at the ByTowne Cinema.

The OIAF awards are designed by local artist Tick Tock Tom, with an animation originally created by New York animator George Griffin.

OIAF 22 Awards

Grand Prize for Short Animation
Grand Prize for Feature Animation

Category Awards:

Narrative Short
Bento Box Award for Best Student Animation
Virtual Reality Project
Animated Series
Young Audiences: Ages 3+
Young Audiences: Ages 7+

Craft Awards:

Animation Technique

Other Awards:

Wacom Public Prize
Awarded for the best film of the short competition as selected by the audience.

Canadian Film Institute Award for Best Canadian Animation Film
Awarded for the most outstanding Canadian production in competition and Canadian panorama screenings.

Best Canadian Student Animation Film
Awarded for the most outstanding Canadian student animation work


La section Compétition officielle est composée d’œuvres sélectionnées par l’équipe de programmation du festival (Chris Robinson, Devin Hartley, Ben Compton).

Trois jurys officiels jugeront les projections des courts et longs métrages et de la compétition jeune public pendant le festival. Les membres du jury des courts et longs métrages sont choisis parmi la communauté internationale de l’animation. Le jury de la compétition jeune public est composé d’enfants de la région d’Ottawa.

Le samedi 24 septembre à 19 h 30, les jurys annonceront les films primés lors de la cérémonie de remise des prix du festival, qui se tiendra dans la salle Canada du Centre national des Arts.

Une projection de Best of Ottawa 2022 (une sélection des films primés du festival) sera présentée le dimanche 25 septembre à 19 h et à 21 h au cinéma ByTowne.

Les prix et récompenses de OIAF

Les trophées

Les trophées ont été conçus par l’artiste local Tick Tock Tom, à partir d’une animation originale de l’animateur new-yorkais George Griffin.

Prix de OIAF 2022

Grand Prix pour le meilleur court-métrage
Grand Prix pour le meilleur long-métrage

Prix par catégories

court-métrage narratif
court-métrage expérimental
Le Prix Bento Box pour le meilleur court-métrage d’étudiant
film de commande
séries d’animation
réalité virtuelle
Jeune public: 3+
Jeune public: 7+

Récompenses ​​techniques:

Conception graphique
Techniques d’animation

Autres prix:

Prix ​​du Public Wacom
Décerné par le public au meilleur court-métrage en compétition

Prix de l’Institut Canadien du Film pour le meilleur film d’animation canadien
Décerné à la production canadienne la plus remarquable parmi les films en compétition et hors-compétition.

Prix pour le meilleur film d’animation d’un étudiant canadien
Décerné au travail le plus remarquable d’un étudiant canadien

Selections announced so far…

Short Film Competition


100 Miles, Louis Bodart, Canada

Amok, Balázs Turai, Hungary & Romania

Backflip, Nikita DIAKUR, Germany

Beware of Trains, Emma Calder, United Kingdom

Bird in the Peninsula, Atsushi WADA, France & Japan

Dealing with War, Andreas Hykade, Germany

Drone, Sean Buckelew, United States

Hotel Kalura, Sophie Koko Gate, United Kingdom

Koerkorter (Dog Apartment), Priit Tender, Estonia

Letter to a Pig, Tal KANTOR, France & Israel

Lucky Man, Claude Luyet, Switzerland

O Homem do Lixo (The Garbage Man), Laura Gonçalves, Portugal

Sierra, Sander Joon, Estonia

The Debutante, Elizabeth Hobbs, United Kingdom

The Flying Sailor, Wendy Tilby & Amanda Forbis, Canada

The Loach, Xi Chen & Xu An, China

The Record, Jonathan Laskar, Switzerland

Triangle noir (Triangle of Darkness), Marie-Noëlle Moreau Robidas, Canada



11, Vuk Jevremovic, Croatia & Germany

CUBER, Vince Collins, United States

Donald Daffy, Peter Millard, United Kingdom

Iizuna Fair, Sumito Sakakibara, Japan

Intermission, Réka Bucsi, Hungary

Sed Saepe Cadendo, Gina Kamentsky, United States

The Hour Coat, Amy Kravitz, United States

Yin Mu (Silver Cave), Caibei Cai, China



25 years, KANG MIN KIM, South Korea & United States

Animal Collective – “We Go Back”, Winston Hacking & Michael Enzbrunner, United States & Canada

“Can’t negotiate the melting point of ice”, Yannis Konstantinidis & Marcos Savignano, United Kingdom

Cuco – “Caution”, Cole Kush & Christopher Rutledge

Mac Miller – “Colors and Shapes”, Sam Mason, United States

Online Business, “Downright Suspicious”, Momoka Watanabe, Japan

Pharell Williams – “Cash In Cash Out”, François Rousselet, United States & France

“PSSY”, Nayon Cho & Simon Wilches Castro, United States

Save Ralph”, Spencer Susser, United Kingdom & United States

Kerwin Frost and Beats by Dre “The Cosmophones”, Dan Streit, Christopher Rutledge, United States

TVFCU – “A Place For All of Us”, Dale Hayward & Sylvie Trouvé, Canada & United States



& MORE, Tsz-wing HO, Hong Kong SAR China

99¢ Pizza, Lucas Ansel, United States

Above the clouds, Vivien Hárshegyi, Hungary

Before Her Body Left, Yuxin Yang, China

Being Sisyphus for one second a day, Peixuan Cheng, China

Carlos Montaña, Ita Romero, Argentina

KLIMAX, Bea Hoeller, Germany

La bride (the dogs leash), Nicolas Piret, Belgium

Les larmes de la Seine (The Seine’s tears), Yanis Belaid, Eliott Benard, Nicolas Mayeur, Etienne Moulin, Hadrien Pinot, Lisa Vicente, Philippine Singer & Alice Letailleur, France

Mountain Blues, Lucie Levrangi, United Kingdom

Slouch, Michael Bohnenstingl, Germany

The Pattern, Péter Bogyó, Hungary

Vampire, Xian Zhong, Taiwan & United Kingdom

Zoon, Jonatan Schwenk, Germany


Feature Film Competition

Barber Westchester (dir. Jonni Philips, United States)

Dozens of Norths (dir. Koji Yamamura, Japan, France)

Khamsa – The Well of Oblivion (dir. Vynom Vynom, Algeria)

Perlimps (dir. Alê Abreu, Brazil)

Silver Bird and Rainbow Fish (dir. Lei Lei, United States, Netherlands)

The Island (dir. Anca Damian, Romania, France, Belgium)

Unicorn Wars (dir. Alberto Váquez, Spain, France)


Virtual Reality Competition

Biolun (Biolum), Abel Kohen, Germany, France

Castle of Unknowing, Damian Thorn-Hauswirth, United States

From The Main Square, Pedro Harres, Germany, Brazil

Lavrynthos, Amir Admoni & Fabito Rychter Brazil, Peru

Samsara, Hsin-Chien HUANG, Taiwan


After two years of online festivals due to COVID-19, we will also be presenting our most recent VR competition winners:

Dislokacije (Dislocation), Milivoj Popovic & Veljko Popovic, Croatia, France (OIAF 2020 VR Winner)

Strands of Mind, Adrian Meyer, Germany (OIAF 2021 VR Winner)

Animated Series Competition

Big Mouth – “A Very Big Mouth Christmas” (Henrique Jardim, United States)

Educational TV, Pablo Marcovecchio (Marco Caltieri, Uruguay)

Magical Caresses – “Masturbation: A Short History of a Great Taboo” (Lori Malépart-Traversy, Canada)

My Year of Dicks: Sex Talk (Sara Gunnarsdóttir, United States)

Safe Mode: Lana Among the Lilies (Justin Tomchuk, Canada)

Swop – “Dentist” (Job, Joris & Marieke, The Netherlands)

The Boys Presents: Diabolical – “John and Sun-Hee” (Steve Ahn, United States)

The Great List of Everything: Bathtub (Francis Papillon, Canada)

Young Audiences, Ages 3+

Don’t Be Scared (dir. Richard O’Connor, United States)

Fluffy Hour: PuiPui & MuuMuu “Selfish GyuGyu” (dir. Hiroyuki Mizoguchi, Japan)

Franzy’s Soup Kitchen (dir. Ana Chubinidze, France, Georgia)

Hush Hush, Little Bear (dir. Māra Liniņa, Latvia)

Konigiri-Kun Parasol (dir. Mari Miyazawa, Japan)

My Name is Fear (dir. Eliza Płocieniak-Alvarez, Germany)

Rain (dir. Han Yuki, China)

Spuffies (dir. Jaka Ivanc, Slovenia)

The Smortlyback Come Back! (dir. Ted Sieger, Switzerland)

Toddler Talks (dir. Diana Reichenbach, United States)


Young Audiences, Ages 7+

Hello Stranger (dir. Julia Ocker, Germany)

La Reine Des Renards (dir. Marina Rosset, Switzerland)

Letters from the Edge of the Forest (dir. Jelena Oroz, Croatia)

Lost Brain (dir. Isabelle Favez, Switzerland)

Luce and the Rock (dir. Britt Raes, France, Netherlands, Belgium)

Snails’ Breakfast (dir. Eugeniy Fadeyev, Russia)

Tales of the Salt Water (dirs. Tamerlan Bekmurzayev, Antoine Carre, Rodrigo Goulão De Sousa, Alexandra Petit, Martin Robic, France)


World Panorama

7 temi per il paesaggio periurbano in Umbria (7 Themes for the Peri-Urban Landscape in Umbria), Giada Fuccelli, Italy

Algo en el Jardin (Something in the Garden), Marcos Sánchez, Chile

Bonjour Douala, Jose Ramon Bas, Spain, Cameroon

Brick Figures, Christopher Rutledge & Dan Streit, United States

Dies Irae, Maru Collective, Australia

Guff Maturity, Peter Millard, United Kingdom

Ice Merchants, João Gonzalez, Portugal, France, United Kingdom

Of Wood, Owen Klatte, United States

Once More With Feeling, Pallavi Agarwala, India, United Kingdom

Pony Henge, Gina Kamentsky, United States

Sjeti se kako sam jahala bijelog konja (Remember How I Used to Ride a White Horse), Ivana Bosnjak Volda & Thomas Johnson Volda, Croatia

Szczypigłówki (Headprickles), Katarzyna Miechowicz, Poland


Canadian Panorama

Baek-il, Grace An

Century Egg ‘Little Piece of Hair’, Chris Shapones

Chasing Birds, Una Lorenzen

Eat Your Carrots, Laura Stewart

Framing the Self, Andrea Cristini

L’Orchestre symphonique de Montréal ‘Harmonium Symphonique: Harmonium’, Vincent Hurtubise-Martin

NFB ’50 ans Vidéographe’ (NFB ‘Videographe 50th Anniversary’), Karl Lemieux

Oskar, Max Vannienschoot

Premonition: On the Eve of Signing Treaty 6, Barry Bilinsky

Red House, Barry Doupé

Tanya Tagaq ‘Teeth Agape’, David Seitz

The Jeweller, Brandon Blommaert

The Organizing Committee ‘The Day Computers Became Obsolete’, Guillaume Pelletier-Auger

We See Monsters, Bracken Hanuse Corlett

Witch Woman, Pixie Cram

舌 (Tongue), Kaho Yoshida


World Student Panorama

An Ostrich Told Me the World is Fake and I Think I Believe It, Lachlan Pendragon, Australia

Apnoe (Apnea), Aleksandra Kononova, Russia

Au revoir Jérôme ! (Goodbye Jérôme!), Adam Sillard, Gabrielle Selnet & Chloé Farr, France

Championsheep, Jakub Dolny, Poland

Cost of Curiosity, Rachel Fitzgerald, United Kingdom, Ireland

Matapacos, Karla Riebartsch & Lion Durst, Germany

Mind Garden, Dasom An, United States

Now I’m In The Kitchen, Yana PAN, United States

Nuisibles (Pests), Juliette Laboria, France

RIM, Hagar Faibish, Germany

Sestry (Sisters), Andrea Szelesová, Czech Republic

患者的心态 (Patient’s Mind), Zhiheng Wang, China

我忍你很久了 (I Hate You), Xuan Li, China


Canadian Student Competition

A Great Big Terrible Dream, Maxine Lemieux

Alledoags, Moze Mertens

Biofili, Ariana Greenidge

Bridget, Ridaa Khan, Sima Naseem, Bella Park, Steven Ross, Lily Zhang & Cyril Chen

Éviction (Eviction), Alexandre Paquet

Follow in my Footsteps, Ioannis Lazaras

I Had a Dream of a House at Night, Charlie Galea McClure

If You Find Yourself in a Pocket Dimension, Maggie Zeng

Jardin d’ombres, Aurélie Galibois, Nicolas Roy, Éliot Ducharme, Philippe Carrier & Frédéric Blanchard

L’étincelle, Laurence Bertrand, Kisha Perth, Miguelle Cupit, Coralie Landa & Xin Lu

Mangos with my Mom, Jay Clarke

Mikey’s Cubby, Fawn Chan

Mileage, Jennifer Wu, Kym Santiana, Ruyee Lu, Christopher Hsueh, Joy Zhou, Miranda Li, Nicole Taylor-Topacio, Ruby Saysanasy & Saul Benavides

Sculptor, Andreas Fobes

Tea Time, Emma Mckay

The Lost Seahorse, Benjamin Fieschi-Rose

Train Project, Luhan Wang

Ursa, Ellie Hatzitolios

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