Knife Hanging From A Tree
Knife Hanging From A Tree
Original Title:Knife Hanging From A Tree
Director(s): JiHee Nam
Production Company:California Institute of the Arts
Year of Production:2019
Screening Format:DIGITAL
Running Time:03:21
Techniques:2D Computer & 3D Computer

If you try to have everything, you'll end up with nothing.

JiHee Nam
About JiHee Nam
JiHee Nam is an animator/motion graphics designer currently based in LA. Revisiting the same environment multiple times is one of the key things about her films. Doing so, there are slight changes occured in each scene, and that creates an emotional change in the characters/time/space. JiHee finds dark humor very intriguing, and finds humor from daily life. She does this through timing and rhythm in her work. She believes that audiences could sympathize through her presentation of "subtle but constructive art”. “Knife Hanging From A Tree” is her first short film in a few years. The story revolves around a fruit, a persimmon, and is based off of a Korean traditional saying, directly translated to, “Sour grapes.” It is depicting the idea of greed and karma, and what a small simple thing/object could do to people.