Sweet Sweat
Sweet Sweat
Original Title:Sweet Sweat
Director(s): Jung Hyun Kim
Production Company:Estonian Academy of Arts
Distribution Company:Estonian Academy of Arts
Year of Production:2018
Screening Format:DCP
Running Time:06:14
Techniques:Pastel on paper

A boy’s discomfort with his mother’s active sexuality becomes a deeper exploration of his own. That old chestnut.

Jung Hyun Kim
About Jung Hyun Kim
Jung Hyun Kim is an independent filmmaker based in South Korea. With her background in fine arts, Kim works with expressive colours and textures in her hand drawn animations. Her award-winning first film, ‘Hootchu’ (2015), screened at the closing ceremony at Annecy International Animated Film Festival in 2016 and at many other film and animation festivals around the world. Kim is a BFA recipient from Tufts University/SMFA in USA and graduated with Cum Laude in Masters in Animation at Estonian Academy of Arts. Her master’s thesis film, ‘sweet sweat’ (2018) received “Prize for First Flight” at Indie-Anifest and the jury special prize “Special Mention” in the student competition at Balkanima festival, and continues to travel around the globe.