Original Title:Jeom
Director(s): Kangmin Kim
Production Company:Open The Portal, Studio ZAZAC
Year of Production:2017
Nationality:South Korea
Screening Format:DIGITAL
Running Time:04:12
Category:Narrative Short Animation

A father and son both have the same big birthmark on their butt. Believing that the two birthmarks are connected, the son scrubs his father's birthmark to remove it, but he can't get rid of the mark.

Kangmin Kim
About Kangmin Kim
Kangmin Kim is a multiple award-winning Korean filmmaker and designer born and raised in Incheon, Korea and now is based in Los Angeles. He graduated from the Department of Communication Design from the Samsung Art in Seoul, Korea. He also received a BFA and MFA from CalArts experimental animation program. His films have screened internationally at several festivals including Sundance, Annecy, OIAF, AFI and more. His film, DEER FLOWER, premiered at Sundance and won the Best Animated Short Award at the Aspen Shortfest, Melbourne International Film Festival as well as other awards. Click here to view the director's website.