North of Blue
North of Blue
Original Title:North of Blue
Director(s): Joanna Priestley
Production Company:Priestley Motion Pictures
Distribution Company:Priestley Motion Pictures
Year of Production:2018
Screening Format:DCP
Running Time:60:09
Techniques:2D Computer
Category:Animated Feature

Inspired by the chilling and mysterious winter landscapes of the Yukon, NORTH OF BLUE is a mesmerizing non-narrative exploration giving form to the formless and offering shifting focal points and patterns that explore tensions between the recognizable and the strange. Bursting with lively colours and dynamic shapes, NORTH OF BLUE is abstract art come to life. Conventional silhouettes are deconstructed, stripping away meanings and associations to free the mind for a wildly subjective visit to the north. A dreamlike façade, North of Blue is a stunning symphony which speaks to the explorer in us all. *** Inspirée par les paysages d’hiver frigorifiants et mystérieux du Yukon, NORTH OF BLUE est une exploration hypnotisante sans narration qui donne forme à ce qui n’a pas de forme, et offre des points de mire en mutation, et des motifs qui explorent les tensions entre le reconnaissable et l’étrange. Explosant de couleurs vives et de formes dynamiques, NORTH OF BLUE représente l’art abstrait qui prend vie. Des silhouettes conventionnelles sont déconstruites, perdant ainsi leurs significations et leurs associations afin de libérer l’esprit pour s’offrir une visite des plus subjectives du Nord. Une façade de rêves, North of Blue est une symphonie éblouissante qui parle à l’explorateur en chacun de nous.

Joanna Priestley
About Joanna Priestley
Joanna Priestley’s work maintains a high level of porosity between serious exploration of boundaries and intuitive whimsy and she is dedicated to experimentation in technique, theme, and content. Retrospectives of Priestley’s films have been held at institutions and festivals around the world, the most recent: the British Film Institute and the National Film Theatre. Priestley has also received fellowships from the National Endowment for the Arts and the American Film Institute, to name a few. She was the founding president of ASIFA Northwest and is a member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. Priestley graduated with a Masters in Film and Video from California Institute of the Arts. Click here to view the director's website.