Four Faces of the Moon
Four Faces of the Moon
Original Title:Four Faces of the Moon
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Director(s): Amanda Strong
Year of Production:2017
Screening Format:DIGITAL
Running Time:13:00
Category:Narrative Short Animation

Four Faces of the Moon is an animated short told in four chapters, exploring the reclamation of language and Nationhood and peeling back the layers of Canada's colonial history. This is a personal story told through the eyes of director and writer Amanda Strong, as she connects the oral and written history of her family as well as the history of the Metis, Cree and Anishinaabe People and their cultural link to the buffalo. Canada's extermination agenda on the buffalo isn't recorded as fervently as it was in the United States, yet the same tactics were used north of the border to control the original inhabitants of the land. This story seeks to uncover some of that history and establish the importance of cultural practice, resistance and language revival from a personal perspective. The moon is used as a symbol to mark the passage of each chapter. The moon holds great importance in Cree and Anishinaabe culture as a seasonal guide, and a marker of change.

Amanda Strong
About Amanda Strong
Amanda Strong is a practicing filmmaker and artist working between Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver. Her work comes from a highly personal space exploring ideas of memory, tragedy, and salvation. These ongoing themes provide ways to explore larger overarching global issues of interconnectivity, relationships and issues surrounding the precarious state of humanity. Making use of diverse media; film, photography and illustration her work seeks to create meaningful bridges between via the creation of imaginary worlds, crossing traditional film genres of documentary, animation and narrative. Amanda is currently working on two projects “Honey for Sale” and “Indigo” . These projects make use of this hybridity between both media, diverse communities and artistic intention. The film Honey for Sale is a feature length film, using bees as a metaphor to explore and contextualize our current situation as humans on this earth. This project will blend animation, film and music to create a poetic world from which we can witness ourselves mirrored in in the recent and rapid decline of the bees. Indigo is a film project that examines the implications of the decline of the Imagination with age concurrent with the rise of rationality and the cyclical war these two archetypes engage in. This world is created using more traditional stop-motion techniques set within highly stylized imaginary worlds. Amanda’s work has been exhibited and screened worldwide, and has received grants from Ontario Arts Council, Canada Council for the Arts,and the NFB, most notably recieving the 2013 K.M. Hunter media arts award.