What is 'Yokoso boku desu'?
Yokoso boku desu 4
Original Title:Yokoso boku desu 4
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English Title:What is 'Yokoso boku desu'?
Director(s): Manabu Himeda
Year of Production:2016
Screening Format:DIGITAL
Running Time:10:50
Techniques:2D Computer, Ink on paper & Pencil on paper
Category:Narrative Short Animation

This is the 4th music and animation series titled “Yokoso boku desu” (Welcome it’s me). This series consists of three songs. “Let’s Coritsu”(Be isolated), a song wising for an isolated situation to be connected, “Yoko is Naive”, a song by a mysteriyous woman who has been waiting for something for a long time, and “Kosokoso Bokudesu”, where an earthworm boy, a senior guy, and others extend their own necks. Through these three songs, what do you see in Yokoso Bokudesu?

Manabu Himeda
About Manabu Himeda
2013 Graduated from Tama Art University Department of Graphic Design. Click here to view the director's website.