E001 Kotkin
E001 Kotkin
Original Title:E001 Kotkin
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Recommended for mature audiences only
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Director(s): Claudia Röthlin & Yves Gutjahr
Production Company:Freitag lab. ag,
Distribution Company:FREITAG lab. ag,
Year of Production:2016
Screening Format:DIGITAL
Running Time:01:04
Category:Commissioned Animation

Life is a continuous circle, so is the life of the 100% compostable FREITAG Bag E001 KOTKIN. Carry a load and leave nothing behind.

Claudia Röthlin
About Claudia Röthlin
Originally starting as a graphic designer, Claudia made her bachelor- and master degrees in animation. She works as an independent director and animator and creates commercials in the field of stop motion. Abroad, Claudia collects work experience in places such as the puppet hospital of the feature Fantastic Mr. Fox, as co-director on the TV Series Dis-moi Dimitri, or as a junior animator for the polish stop motion short Danny Boy.