Honda 'Utility'
Honda 'Utility'
Original Title:Honda 'Utility'
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Recommended for mature audiences only
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Director(s): Joshua Cox
Production Company:Bent Image Lab
Year of Production:2017
Screening Format:DIGITAL
Running Time:00:31
Techniques:3D Computer
Category:Commissioned Animation

Using state-of-the-art Deep Compositing technology, Director Joshua Cox takes us for a ride inside the giant world of Honda.

Joshua Cox
About Joshua Cox
Joshua Cox is an award-winning director, designer, and filmmaker with a passion for pushing boundaries both creatively and technically. His body of work exhibits a unique style in terms of storytelling and pacing, creating emotionally-driven moments and stories out of the ordinary and everyday. His philosophy is: “There are no boundaries or borders to contend with. You have the ability to design every aspect of the image without limits.” Joshua has recently directed title sequences for The One Show, two music videos for the band STRFKR, and commercial spots for Honda, Nike, and Cartoon Network. His newest short film, Proximity, was crowned a Vimeo ‘Staff Pick’ upon its web debut. Along with Solomon Burbridge, Joshua is one of the creative directors for Bent Image Lab’s new boutique brand, “Design Lab.”