Grid Corrections
Grid Corrections
Original Title:Grid Corrections
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Recommended for mature audiences only
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Director(s): Gerco Ruijter de
Distribution Company:Lima Amsterdam
Year of Production:2016
Nationality:Netherlands & U.S.A.
Screening Format:DIGITAL
Running Time:01:28
Techniques:sequence of still images
Category:Non-Narrative Short Animation

Grid Corrections (2016) was made mining the Thomas Jefferson's Grid in Google Earth. By superimposing a rectangular grid on the earth surface, a grid built from exact square miles, the spherical deviations have to be fixed. After all, the grid has only two dimensions. The north-south boundaries in the grid are on the lines of longitude, which converge to the north. The roads that follow these boundaries must dogleg every twenty-four miles to counter the diminishing distances: Grid Corrections

Gerco Ruijter de
About Gerco Ruijter de
Gerco de Ruijter (1961, Netherlands) works as a photographer and filmer with landscapes. He lets go of the medium (a photo or film camera) to create images of situations far from our own viewpoint. In his photography and films he explores the boundaries of the recognizable and the reducible representation of the landscape. De Ruijter studied at the Willem de Kooning Academie in Rotterdam. He graduated Cum Laude in 1993. Since 1993 he had numerous solo and group exhibitions in and outside the Netherlands. Click here to view the director's website.