Mark Lotterman 'Happy'
Mark Lotterman 'Happy'
Original Title:Mark Lotterman 'Happy'
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Recommended for mature audiences only
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Director(s): Alice Saey
Year of Production:2017
Nationality:Netherlands & France
Screening Format:DIGITAL
Running Time:06:35
Techniques:2D Computer & Ink on paper
Category:Commissioned Animation

People should be happy. Even this Egyptian goose, who tries to cast a spell on us with a seductive dance. Its gracious and clumsy movements captivate us. But it’s not the only one to master the dance. Three flocks of geese each led by their guru goose also share the pond; all of them torn between their desire to express their own individuality and the urge for group behavior. Soon the water begins to rise. Never mind. The geese will keep on dancing for us until they drown. A video about the search for ones own identity through seemingly audacious self-expression on the one hand and the undeniable drowning into the masses on the other.

Alice Saey
About Alice Saey
Alice Saey is a Paris-born animation film maker and graphic designer. Her first animated short has been presented in several international festivals and was honored with the Arte Creative Prize in 2015. After her studies in Strasbourg, she moved to Rotterdam, where she has now based her studio. She won the HAFFtube online competition in 2015 for her hand-draw animated music video « She’s Young » for dutch band Shaking Godspeed. Alice collaborates with several cultural events and musical formations in Holland and France. In April 2017 she released her second music video « Happy », for Rotterdam-based singer Mark Lotterman. Her next short film « Flatastic », produced by Sève Films, which was partly developed at the Open Workshop in Viborg, was pitched at 2017 Visegrad Animation Forum. Click here to view the director's website.