Only Lovers Leave to Die
Only Lovers Leave to Die
Original Title:Only Lovers Leave to Die
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Recommended for mature audiences only
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Director(s): Vladimir Kanic
Production Company:Factory of Light
Year of Production:2016
Nationality:Canada & Croatia
Screening Format:DIGITAL
Running Time:06:39
Techniques:Engraving on Film
Category:Narrative Short Animation

Emily begins perceiving the world as it was made from painted film stock shortly after being injured in an accident. On her way to a hospital, a story of love, death, passion and loss unravels through dialogues of characters surrounding her, each represented with a different pattern of film stock.

Vladimir Kanic
About Vladimir Kanic
I am a versatile transdisciplinary artist whose diverse practice spans filmmaking, photography, music, visual art and computer science. I use my knowledge from different artistic and scientific fields to solve problems that are outside of the scope of traditional artistic boundaries, with an accent on diversity of research and experimentation. My short fiction and animation films have been playing at renowned film festivals and had won multiple international awards, and I have also held five solo international art exhibitions and interactive performances. I graduated Interaction Design at the University of California, San Diego and Machine Learning and Neural Networks at the University of London. Click here to view the director's website.