Spanish Snipers
Spanish Snipers

Despite crisis and good weather, Spain creates good art. Luckily for a country of independent talents, and little institutional support to produce animation, the digital tools to make frame by frame are now in the hands of the right ones: the creators coming from other artistic disciplines. It’s tough to think about contemporary animation from a national perspective without falling into clichés… What’s more “Spanish”, the candy world of American Wreck-it Ralph inspired on Gaudi’s architecture or Spanish Oscar nominee Chico and Rita with all Cuban references and the beautiful drawings of Javier Mariscal? The films presented in this screening dig beyond the clichés and represent a personal approach to animation, singular and true to each of the artists.

Individual tickets are available online  and 30 minutes before showtime for all other screenings. Passholders have priority seating at all GALA screenings (jury and filmmakers in attendance). Animation Six-Pack ticket holders are given passholder priority. 

Les billets à l'unité sont disponibles 
en ligne  et 30 minutes à l'avance pour toutes les autres projections. Les titulaires d'un laissez-passer sont prioritaires pour les places assises aux projections de GALA (auxquelles assistent le jury et les réalisateurs). Les titulaires de billets demi-douzaine d'animation disposent de la même priorité pour les places assises.

Title  Director Year TRT
Danae Díaz and Patricia Luna
2011 5:00
O Gigante
Luís da Matta Almeida and Julio Vanzeler
2012 10:00
Bendito Machine IV
Jossie Malis
2012 10:00
Enjuto Mojamuto: El peor día de mi vida
Joaquín Reyes
2010 2:12
Ecart de Conduite
Rocío Álvarez 2012 4:00
The Day I Killed My Best Friend
Antonio J. Busto
2012 6:00
The Vein 'Magma'
2013 1:28
Silvia Carpizo
2012 4:00
La isla de los muertos
Vuk Jevremovic
2012 8:00
Història d’Este
Pascual Pérez
2011 7:00
Vespres Verds
2012 5:00
Iria López
2012 8:00
Isabel Herguera
2010 8:00
Guillermo García Carsi
2011 10:00
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