Canadian Student Competition
Canadian Student Competition


Winner will be awarded by the OIAF for the most outstanding Canadian student production /Remis pour leur choix de production la plus remarquable de la part d’un étudiant canadien.


Saturday, September 21, 7:00pm (Arts Court Theatre)
Sunday, September 22, 3:00pm (National Gallery)

Samedi 21 septembre 21h15 (Cour des Arts Théâtre)
Dimanche 22 septembre, 15h00 (Musée des beaux-arts)

Touch A Walrus | 2013 | Jackson He | Sheridan College | 1:52 
Jake is working at the new "Touch a Walrus" exhibit when one sexy customer decides to take things a little too far. 

Wallpaper | 2013 | Elaine Chen | Sheridan College | 1:32 
A man discovers the history of a house through layers of wallpaper. 

HeadStrong | 2013 | Daniel Sterlin-Altman | Concordia University | 1:07 
Who needs hands when you have your head? 

Le Capitaine Goéland (The Seagull Captain) | 2013 | Raphaëlle B Bertrand | Concordia University | 1:50 
The relationship between a seagull and a ship. 

Eternal Bliss | 2013 | Spencer Moreland | Algonquin College | 2:27 
A man struggles with the concept of eternal happiness in the afterlife. 

Tears of Inge | 2013 | Alisi Telengut | Concordia University | 4:21 
A profound human-animal and human-nature relationship is represented by a painted world filled with a camel’s emotion and tears. 

Eye Spy | 2013 | Elisa Iacobucci | Sheridan College | 1:22
A boy makes a totally twisted sacrifice in order to enter a magical land of wonder. 

Ruach | 2013 | Mauricio Pampin | Emily Carr University of Art and Design | 5:50 
An exploration of both the spiritual and existential aspects of human life. 

Le Flan (The Flan) | 2013 | Raoul Olou | Concordia University | 2:00
A tale of love, injustice and desserts.

Inspiration | 2013 | Sophie Martin | Concordia University | 1:35
A paper man collects images around him to construct himself until the point where there are too many…

Fowled Up | 2012 | Allessandro Adamo | Vancouver Institute of Media Arts | 2:39
A sailor and a bird come into conflict.

Fists of Finance | 2013 | Melissa Allen | Sheridan College | 3:47 
The story of when the greatest kung fu master refused to pay his bills and unleashed the math fury of his otherwise mild-manned accountant.

Manifeste (Manifesto) | 2013 | Sarah Quirion | Concordia University | 3:00
A glimpse into the world of protests and the reasoning behind the actions.

Un Sacré Mariage! (One Hell of a Wedding!) | 2013 | Gregory Verreault & Francis Papillon | Laval University School of Design | 2:19 
An ordinary wedding turns into the event of the year when the nun responsible for the music accidentally plays the wrong CD. 

Regrets | 2013 | Camille Bertrand | Concordia University | 2:40 
Regrets, I’ve had a few.

Quirk | 2013 | Jennifer Kiakas | Concordia University | 2:02
A child’s disability doesn’t deny them the right to be treated like a human being. 

Unfortunately | 2013 | Karla Monterrosa | Emily Carr University of Art and Design | 4:26 
After getting her first period, an antsy teenager tries to find her new place in the world as a woman. 

MonSTRAWsity | 2013 | Amy He | Sheridan College | 1:19
Melly is curious to know where the spots on her strawberries come from. 

Blackout | 2013 | Sharron Mirsky | Concordia University | 4:00 
Several people share their experience of the 2003 “NorthEast Blackout.” 

Wind & Tree | 2013 | Konstantin Steshenko | Emily Carr University of Art and Design | 6:25 
Two forces of nature face the consequences of their impossible love.

Individual tickets are available online  and 30 minutes before showtime for all other screenings. Passholders have priority seating at all GALA screenings (jury and filmmakers in attendance). Animation Six-Pack ticket holders are given passholder priority. 

Les billets à l'unité sont disponibles 
en ligne  et 30 minutes à l'avance pour toutes les autres projections. Les titulaires d'un laissez-passer sont prioritaires pour les places assises aux projections de GALA (auxquelles assistent le jury et les réalisateurs). Les titulaires de billets demi-douzaine d'animation disposent de la même priorité pour les places assises.