Feature Competition 2: Taevalaul (Sky Song)
Feature Competition 2: Taevalaul (Sky Song)

Original Title: Taevalaul

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English Title: Sky Song
Director(s): Mati Kütt
Production Company: OU Nukufilm
Year of Production: 2010
Nationality: Estonia
Screening Format: Digital
Running Time: 45 min
Category: Animated Feature


SKY SONG – it is an ode for all of those who like to fly.

Is it possible to reach the moon in one breath? Yes, it is if you have the will to fly and the appropriate training. This is the case with postman Rain.

This is an animation full of experimenting with form and materials. Some of the characters are original, but some originate from the history of mankind. The film is full of symbols and symbolism, surreal images and scenes.

This is not simply the journey of a postman to deliver the package to the Moon. It is also a philosophical journey in time and eras, through people and their characters, through thaugths and imagination. This is a visual version of thoughts and imagination of a postman who is fulfilling his task inspite of all problems and distractions.


About Mati Kütt
Mati Kütt, painter and director, is one of Estonia's most talented animators. A budding artist since childhood, he abandoned a career in engineering and began in animation in 1981 with Monument, one of the sections in the compilation film 1+1+1. After collaborating for many years with Avo Paistik at Joonisfilm, in 1989 he embarked on a career as an independent filmmaker with Labyrinth and began one of the most complex and variegated esthetic quests in contemporary animation. His films (including Institute of the Dream, Button's Odyssey Smoke Sprat Baked in the Sun) combine different techniques such as stop motion, oil painting and pixilation.