Feature Competition 4: Dead But Not Buried
Feature Competition 4: Dead But Not Buried

Title: Dead But Not Buried
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Recommended for mature audiences only.
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Director(s): Phil Mulloy
Production Company: Spectre Films
Year of Production: 2011
Nationality: UK
Screening Format: Digital
Running Time: 80 min
Category: Animated Feature
2D Computer

Why has Mr Christie's body been stolen? Who stole it? Who really is Mr Yakamoto - a brilliant cartoonist,  a genius scientist, or a psychopathic serial killer? Mrs Christie sets out on a quest to find her husband. Her journey ends deep in the lava tunnels of Iceland. The second coming! Mister Christie returns!

About Phil Mulloy
Phil Mulloy was born in Wallasey, Merseyside. He studied painting at Ravensbourne College of Art and then attended the Royal College of Art Film School. He worked as a freelance writer/director and began making animation in 1989.