Feature Competition 3: Colorful
Feature Competition 3: Colorful

Title: Colorful

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Director(s): Keiichi Hara
Production Company: Toho Co., Ltd.
Year of Production: 2010
Nationality: Japan
Screening Format: Digital
Running Time: 126 min
Category: Animated Feature
2D Computer

The film is based on the novel "Colourful" (1998, Rironsha), written by Eto Mori. She was awarded the prestigious 135th Naoki Prize for her novel "Kaze ni maiagaru biniru shito" (2009, Bungei Shunju). "Colorful" conveys a positive message of how good it is just to be alive. Of course, the story appeals not only to a younger audience, that is of the same generation as the main character, but also to adult readers who ha once been a junior high-school students. And now, through the skilled direction of Keiichi Hara, the noel has been reborn as the ultimate anime movie adaptation.


About Keiichi Hara

Keiichi Hara, who directed such acclaimed works as Kureyon Shin-chan: Arashi wo yobu - Mouretsu! Otona teikoku no gyakushuu ('01), Kureyon Shin-chan: Arashi wo yobu – Appare! Sengoku dai kassen ('02), and Summer Days with Coo ('07), is already firmly established as one of the leading animation directors of Japan. He has gained recognition not only in the world of animation, but also constantly attracts attention in the movie world in general. His directed Colorful won the Special Distinction and the Audience Award at Annecy International Animated Film Festival 2011.