Canadian Funding and Tax Credits 101

Digital media producer and Canadian funding expert, Michelle McIver hosts this informative panel on maneuvering some of the funds and tax credits available to Canadians. Information on the Canada Media Fund programs, Ontario Creates and tax credits, Global Affairs and federal funding and the Shaw Rocket Fund will be shared, alongside a case study to demonstrate what this all means.

Kelly Payne, Program Consultant, Industry Initiatives, Ontario Creates
Melissa Amer, Deputy Director, Television, English Market, Telefilm Canada
Jeffrey Crossman, Trade Commissioner, Global Affairs Canada

Moderated By:
Michelle McIver, Digital Media Producer, Freelance

Just Do It: Creating diversity in Kids Content with Shabnam Rezaei

Presented by:
Shabnam Rezaei is making waves with the Hulu series The Bravest Knight, featuring the first children's series with an LGBTQ protagonist and created the vastly diverse preschool series 16 Hudson. Join Shabnam for this inside look at successfully creating compelling kids content that has diversity in its DNA. 

Developing a hit pre-school Series: The story of Pocoyo with creator Guillermo García Carsí

Presented by:
Guillermo García Carsi will analyze his general approach to animation and in particular the creative process behind Pocoyo from its influences to the character design, humor and animation stile develop in the series.

Animation Law Overview: Copyright to Contracts

Mark Edwards and Byron Pascoe from Edwards PC, Creative Law will provide an animation law overview of key considerations for animation producers and creators. The session will cover both copyright and key contracts, including NDAs, employment and independent contractor agreements, production services agreements and co-production agreements, option agreements and more. For a head start, be sure to read

Byron Pascoe, Lawyer, Edwards PC, Creative Law
Mark Edwards, Lawyer, Edwards PC, Creative Law