Eleven Moving Moments with the NFB: Volume 2
Eleven Moving Moments with the NFB: Volume 2

2019 is both the 80th Anniversary of the National Film Board and the occasion of its move from its suburban Montreal home of 63 years to the heart of Montreal. So, in celebration of both events, the OIAF presents Eleven Moving Moments with The National Film Board of Canada compiled by Donald McWilliams. Not the “greatest hits”, but rather two programmes which exemplify the multi-cultural nature of the NFB and Canada; and the belief of John Grierson, Norman McLaren and René Jodoin – that at the NFB one can be both a public servant and an artist. (Don McWilliams)
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2019 représente à la fois le 80e anniversaire de l’Office national du film du Canada et l’occasion de son déménagement de son foyer en banlieue de Montréal, qu’il occupa pendant 63 ans, au cœur de Montréal. C’est donc en célébration de ces deux événements que le FIAO présente Onze moments émouvants de l’Office national du film du Canada, une compilation de Donald McWilliams. Il ne s’agit pas des « numéros un », mais plutôt de deux programmes qui illustrent la nature multiculturelle de l’ONF et du Canada; et la croyance tenue par John Grierson, Norman McLaren et René Jodoin — qu’à l’ONF, on peut être à la fois fonctionnaire et artiste. (Don McWilliams)


Friday, September 27 — 7:00 pm

Sunday, September 29 — 3:00 pm

Screening List:

Volume 2:

Canada Vignette: Countdown | Veronika Soul | 1981 | 0:50

This one minute vignette illustrates the variety of people, professions, and technical procedures required by the filmmaking process.

Hot Stuff
Hot Stuff | Zlatko Grgic | 1971 | 9:10

When the gods gave fire to man, they warned him about the destruction it can cause when not used carefully. Fast-forward to the modern day, where man will face the consequences for forgetting the gods' warning.

Universe (excerpt) | Roman Kroitor & Colin Low | 1960 | 3:58

An animated journey to the farthest regions of space, beyond our own galaxy and into the unknown. This awe-inspiring voyage of the universe was realistic enough to be used by Stanley Kubrick as one of his sources for 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Animando (excerpt) | Marcos Magalhães | 1987 | 1:51

An animated figure is brought to life on the drawing board. Using different materials and techniques, he walks, jumps, and interacts with his surroundings.

A Feather Tale
A Feather Tale | Michèle Cournoyer | 1994 | 5:12

Cournoyer's first film with the NFB, A Feather Tale explores the repercussions on both sides of a relationship when a woman succumbs to her lover's demeaning fantasies.

Dimanche (Sunday) | Patrick Doyon | 2011 | 9:42

A magical tale about life as seen through the eyes of a child on a particular grey Sunday.

Where There's Smoke
Where There's Smoke (excerpt) | Multiple directors | 1970 | 1:20

A compilation of satirical clips that demonstrate both the dangers and the unexpected consequences of smoking.

Minoru: Memory of Exile | Michael Fukushima | 1992 | 18:32

Combining classical animation and archival material, Michael Fukushima recounts the experiences of his father, Minoru, living in Canada in the wake of the bombing at Pearl Harbour. Like thousands of other Japanese Canadians, 9-year-old Minoru and his family were forced into internment camps before eventually being deported to Japan, leaving young Minoru exiled from the land of his birth and the only home he'd ever known.

Here and the Great Elsewhere
Le grand ailleurs et le petit ici (Here and the Great Elsewhere) | Michèle Lemieux | 2012 | 14:16

Four tableaux exploring humanity's eternal quest for meaning, using pinscreen animation as a metaphor for the particles that make up the universe.

Ottawa 90 Bande Annonce
Ottawa 90 Bande Annonce | Jacques Drouin | 1990 | 1:05

One of the six films that made up the trailer preceding every screening at OIAF 1990. Winner of the Award fo best credits, trailer, interlude or animated sequence at Annecy (1991).