Inspiration is for Amateurs: Faiyaz Jafri Retrospective
Inspiration is for Amateurs: Faiyaz Jafri Retrospective

Once upon a time in a galaxy far far away, everything turns rainbow, rainbow, and rainbow. Faiyaz Jafri has no time to waste; art needs to be produced, and trauma needs to be exploited, for the sake of sanity. The work comes out of the work. His life is the Nike slogan incarnate.

He has been called appropriately subversive, and a postmodernist and his artificial plastic perfect digital aesthetic is occasionally misunderstood by the overly sensitive. It is all good. He never set out to make Disneyfied art that can match the couch.

Fall down the rabbit hole to find out what it is that makes Faiyaz Jafri's pop surreal, post-everything, memetic, and hyper-unreal world so different, so appealing.

* * *

Il était une fois, dans une galaxie bien lointaine, tout se transformait en arcs-en-ciel, en arcs-en-ciel, puis en arcs-en-ciel. Faiyaz Jafri n'a pas de temps à perdre; il faut produire de l'art et exploiter les traumatismes pour le bien de la santé mentale. Le travail naît du travail. Sa vie est l'incarnation du slogan de Nike.

On a dit de lui, avec justesse, qu'il était subversif et postmoderne, et que l'esthétisme numérique parfait et artificiel de son style plastique est parfois mal compris par les hypersensibles. Ça va. Loin de lui le besoin que son art ressemble à Disney et qu'il s'agence au sofa.

Chutez dans le terrier du lapin blanc pour découvrir ce qui rend le pop de Faiyaz Jafri surréaliste, post-tout, mémétique, et son monde hyper irréel, si différent, si attirant.

Friday, September 27 — 5:00 pm (Talk)

Sunday, September 29 — 5:00 pm (Films Only)

Screening List:

Natural Plastic
Natural Plastic | 2010 | 1:10

Natural Plastic is a metaphor for the delicate balance between man and nature.

Hello Bambi
Hello Bambi | 2011 | 6:06

Snow White's final dream on her way to the emergency room.

This Ain't Disneyland
This Ain't Disneyland | 2015 | 6:25

A personal surreal account of the New York September 11 attacks, by juxtaposing the destruction of the Twin Towers and Disney neo-archetypes.

Sway | 2016 | 8:10

Sway is a non-narrative computer-generated film that celebrates body hair and rock gods.

Miller Fisher
Miller Fisher | 2016 | 9:18

Miller Fisher amalgamates the distorted visual, physical, and existential experience of an autoimmune disorder by the same name, with the aesthetics and vernacular of the animated GIF.

Supersad | 2018 | 3:14

Once upon a time on a deserted parking lot, in a galaxy far far away, everything turns rainbow, rainbow, and rainbow...

Drowning Girl
Drowning Girl | 2019 | 7:45

A Post-ironic solution for Baudrillard's problem of the irreplaceability of the Twin Towers, transcending space and place driven by their vernacularity in virtuality. A film about the end of the world as we know it.

Jack | 2019 | 2:09

Jack is naked. Jack is pretending to play guitar. Jack looks silly and vulnerable.