$15 in advance or $20 at the door
FREE for all OIAF Anima, Saturday Day and Weekend Passholders
NightOwl is also free for all Mòshkamo pass and ticket holdersmoshkamo_logo.jpg (All ages, ID required to purchase alcohol)
Enter at 10 Daly and 67 Nicholas.

An interactive party brought to you by OIAF and Collective Arts Saturday, September 28
from 9pm to 2am at the Ottawa Art Gallery, Arts Court and Club SAW.

Night Owl is an immersive, interactive collaboration of music, drawing, cosplay, technology, art and animation. It’s your chance to dance, browse Canadian art, sketch fantastically costumed cosplayers, watch a film, enjoy some mouth-watering food and drink, then lose yourself in virtual reality worlds. There is no event quite like this!

SnapUp Tickets - NightOwl

15 $ à l’avance ou 20 $ à la porte, mais gratuit pour les détenteurs d’un laissez-passer pour OIAF Anima, celui du samedi, ou celui du weekend. NightOwl est aussi gratuit pour les gens qui sont des detendeurs d’une laissez-passez Mòshkamo et teneurs des billets (Pour tous âges 19 ans et plus, pièce d’identité requise à l’achat d’alcool)

NightOwl est une immense célébration interactive de la musique, du dessin, du cosplay, de la technologie, de l’art et de l’animation. Voyez de nouveaux groupes de musique inspirants, jetez un coup d’œil à de l’art, dessinez des joueurs de cosplay aux costumes incroyables, regardez un film, profitez de bouffe et de boissons délicieuses, puis perdez-vous dans des mondes de réalité virtuelle. Un événement incomparable!


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klap.jpg OAG: Alma Duncan Salon 

9:15pm:  Mark ii

Mark ii are left-field party starters. Electric, pouting, psychedelic, oddly sincere, loud. These are words they have heard people use to describe their reckless live performance. As for their disco/post-punk/techno/genre-agnostic DJ sets however, the adjectives a person could use multiply exponentially. Heady? Sure. Irreverent? Don’t call me that. Ecclectic? Honoured. Danceable? Absolutely. Come see them to add some more.




klap.jpg OAG: Alma Duncan Salon 

10:15pm:  Klapshmock!

Formed in the hot summer of 2018 and emerging from the sludge and trash of the Ottawa river, "Klapshmock!" fuses art, music, theatre, and satire to create a chaotic mess. Klapshmock! is about being nonsensical and having fun, featuring costumes, face paint, stolen signage, collages, and lots of E-tape to hold everything together. The enigma that is F.G. Klapshmock has recorded a number of 'basement' tapes ranging from tape and sample manipulations and other weird experiments using piles of old musical equipment. Klapshmock! is an expression of electro jazz-fusion; a mix of 70s and 80s electronic music based on crusty analog synths, punchy drum machines, automated sequencers, gritty low-bit samples, and interesting jazz chords. Just picture Mario Kart on L.S.D.

11pm to 2am: DJ Skid Vicious  
The legendary dance party with one of Ottawa's best DJs!




Club SAW:

10pm to 2am  DJ Pøptrt
DJ Pøptrt is a female DJ from the Mohawk territory of Kahnawake. She has a love for art and all genres of music. She plays a combination of house, bass house and nu disco within her sets. Her goal is to bring people together through dance and music. To spread peace, love & good vibes. DJ Poptrt is the first female electronic DJ in Kahnawake. She hopes to inspire people to always follow their dreams




Arts Court: Studio
Cosplayers pose for short life drawing sessions in their incredible costumes in our Sip ‘n Sketch room.
Join DJ Jas Nasty, come have a drink and get inspired. Bring your pencil and sketchbook!
* * *
Toute la soirée, des joueurs de cosplay poseront pour des séances de dessin de courte vie dans ce lounge décon- tracté.
Joindre DJ Jas Nasty et apportez votre crayon et cahier à dessin pour etre inspirez!



Arts Court: SAW Video
Some of the best VR animation from the OIAF is ready for you to experience.
* * *
Venez faire l’expérience de quelques-uns des meilleurs films d’animation en RV du FIAO






Arts Court: Theatre
Have a break and watch the Best of Ottawa 2018
* * *
Le temps d’une pause, venez regarder un court métrage animé au Théâtre de la Cour des Arts.






Firestone Gallery: Open 9pm to 12am
Take a tour of the Claude Cahun exhibit (9:30 / 10 / 10:30) in the Spencerville Gallery. Don’t miss taking in the Firestone Collection, showcasing Canadian art that spans the modern period (1890–1985).
* * *
Prenez une tour d’exhibition Claude Cahun a la Galerie de Spencerville. Les tours prends place a 21 h 30, 22 h, et 22 h 30. Ne prends pas la Collection de Firestone, qui demon- tre l’art Canadienne qui traverse la periode moderne (1890- 1985) pour rien.



Alma Duncan, AC Theatre, Club SAW, Jackson
Try the newest craft beers from Collective Arts. Jackson will be offering some delicious snacks for sale.
Essayez les toutes nouvelles bières de Collective Arts. Visitez Jackson pour des grignotines délicieuses.