Parties and Exhibits
Opening Night Party

Presented by Warner Bros. Animation


Let’s kick off OIAF19 in the best way possible: three floors of epic party open ONLY to OIAF pass holders 19+! Doors open at 11PM and the fun does not stop until 2 am! Meet new contacts and connect with familiar ones at the official OIAF Opening Night Party at Pub 101! 

Bienvenue au FIAO 2019! Faites votre chemin vers la fête la plus cool du quartier au Pub 101, à partir de 23 h. Le bar sera ouvert seulement aux détenteurs de laissez-passer!  Amusez-vous jusqu’à 2 h du matin...

Salon des RefusÚs


We can’t all be winners but we can take rejection in stride. Salon des Refusés is an opportunity for Festival passholders to view films that were not accepted into the Festival programming. Join us at Club SAW for libations, commiserations and a little crowd validation. All Festival passholders are welcome to view the refused films and meet the creators. Filmmakers, we know rejection is a hard pill to swallow, so bring your OIAF rejection letter for a free drink to wash it down courtesy of e.d. films. Festival passes must be shown at entry.

All ages are invited. 19+ ID is required to be served alcohol. 

Toutes les œuvres ne sont pas sélectionnées pour le Festival, mais le rejet n’est pas toujours une mauvaise chose. Ici, on veut le célébrer. Le Salon des Refusés est notre célébration des films qui n’ont pas trouvé leur place dans la programmation du Festival. Voilà votre chance de voir ces films et de compatir avec les cinéastes. Rendez-vous au Club Saw avec une copie de votre lettre de rejet, et nous vous donnerons une boisson pour rincer ce goût de rejet. Les laissez-passer du Festival doivent être montrés comme pièce d’identité à l’entrée.  

Screening List:

Program 1 (starts 23:15)

Medium Rare | Luca Cioci | Italy | 2018 | 4:35
Functional and aesthetic values in recurrent, yet questionable domestic scenarios.

Morning | Vojtech Domlàtil | Czech Republic | 2019 | 3:33
Morning. Coffee. Breakfast. Shower. And then? Trip outside? Or trip inside? Breathing meditation in form of linear full animation.

Eve Of | Lauren Armstrong | USA | 2019 | 4:45
The guardian nymph of a petrified planet is brought to life by a storm of fish – a creation myth.

Flow | Gigi Bennett | USA | 2019 | 3:59
Flow is an exploration of the female body, expression of human connection to nature, and acknowledgement of the history of female creation told through the birth of our world through Mother Nature’s menstrual blood.

Cesta krychle (The Way of the Cube) | Krystsina Ramanava | Czech Republic | 2019 | 0:44
This is the story about the way from the little cube of sugar to the huge planet Earth as a metaphor of the way from the small thing to the big one.

Sreda (Sur.Faces) | Georgiy Boguslavsky | Russia | 2018 | 3:51
Moscow is constantly surprised and appears unlike itself, it is its usual property. The usual summer, the usual environment, where everything is mixed.

Viaje a Japón (My Trip to Japan) | Dante Zaballa | Japan, Argentina | 2019 | 3:37
Based on a real conversation we had with Juan Molinet before leaving Japan. Mixed up memories about our visit to Tokyo, Hiroshima, Miyoshi, Naoshima and Kyoto.

Okami (Wolf) | Motomichi Nakamura | USA, Ecuador | 2019 | 4:32
A story about a lonely and scared boy who locked himself in his small room, but inspired by Okami (wolf), he overcomes his fear and to go on a journey to explore the world outside of his room and finds strength in himself at the end. An experimental animation with Projection Mapping and 2D animation.

La Dispute ‘Rose Quartz / Fulton Street I’ | Sarah Schmidt | USA | 2018 | 5:46
Deer travels through a lush and desolate landscape.

Pooding | Joey Desjardins | Canada | 2018 | 0:59
A very short comedy sketch, starring Pooding the Clown!

Him! | Tien Nguyen | USA | 2019 | 7:46
A lonely uninspiring young man in his mid-20s has little going for him in his life. Until one day, everything changes when his anime crush comes to life right in front of him.

CTRL+S | Yunho Park | USA, Korea | 2019 | 1:28
We sometimes forget to save important files and lose the data. When he loses his files gets mad and he is looking for a back-up data inside the computer.

Mr Fear | Ezequiel Torres & Pablo Roldán | Argentina | 2019 | 4:34
They are from different species. Their worlds are separated. They don´t know each other, but their instincts lead them to be one. The force of destruction is what moves them, and despite their fears, they need to be together.

Tongue Tied | Alex Melnyk & Gabriel Puchiele | Canada | 2019 | 1:44
A futuristic Sci-Fi race comes to a close as three racers duke it out for first place. Between a legendary tiger pilot, a cat in a giant mech, and a frog in over their head, who will take it?

EXELLENCE | Nathan Sonnenfeld | USA | 2019 | 4:23
Terry has a hard day at work.

Program 2 (starts 00:30)

Stomptown Brass 'One Last Time' | Javier Longobard | Spain, Ireland | 2018 | 5:26
One Last Time is just a reminder: life and death represent points of view; war is not only a human disaster but also a carnival of flies. A shelling is like a manna rain from the skies.

Monster Prom | Owen Doud & Emily Lawton | USA | 2019 | 2:34
During a simple night for these ghoulish guys and gals everything goes haywire when someone decides to spike the punch bowl and all hell breaks loose.

God of Chaos | Maddie Brewer | USA | 2019 | 6:29
During a simple night for these ghoulish guys and gals everything goes haywire when someone decides to spike the punch bowl and all hell breaks loose.

Sebona (Selfshe) | Kamila Mullerova | Czech Republic | 2019 | 2:48
A black and white movie from surrounding of hotel Kladno, in which it seems as if time had stopped, is offering a poetic view at functionalist building with empty halls, dusty parapets behind lace curtains and at an only person lost in this beautiful place.

Tak Bystro (So Fast) | Olga Karengina | Russia | 2019 | 2:49
An associative poem about life, love, and the transience of being.

Grandpa’s Favourite Origami | Yihan Wang | New Zealand | 2018 | 4:54
While playing with his granddaughter, a grandfather experiences an internal journey, traveling back to his childhood.

Riley | Katelyn Costello& Santiago Arias-Rozo | USA | 2019 | 1:28
A girl and her dog.

Robot Farmer | Ian Brauner | USA | 2019 | 3:20
Robot Farmer wants his plants to grow big and tall! Stand back and watch him go as he learns all the important steps to making plants grow, like water, sunlight, and love!

The Credits Film | Jeffrey Ashkin | USA | 2019 | 5:38
During the end credit sequence of a movie, one of the credits gets separated from the group and has to go on a wild adventure through the world of movie credits to get back home.

À Porto j’ai vu… (What I Saw in Porto…) | Caroline Caza | Canada | 2018 | 2:03
The everlasting memory one retains of a city is sometimes surprising.

Embraces & the Touch of Skin | Sara Koppel | Denmark | 2019 | 2:42
An animated poem about the vital need for embraces and contact with other beings.

Aura | Timm Völker | Germany | 2019 | 2:35
Migraine is the third most prevalent illness in the world with 15% of the world‘s population being affected. Using an ambivalent love letter language, AURA introduces the disturbing world of a migraine patient.

Quand on y pense (When We Think About It) | Stephane Levesque | Canada | 2019 | 2:10
A personal reflection on the environmental challenges facing not only the Acadian Peninsula, but the planet as a whole.

Daybreak | Emily Huang | Canada | 2019 | 2:59
A young detective is put to the test capturing an elusive perpetrator as she pushes herself past her physical and psychological limitations.“Daybreak” is a charged mystery brought through life through hand-drawn animation.

Wax Fang ‘Running in Circles’ | Bianca Cassinelli | UK | 2018 | 5:20
'Running in Circles' is an animated music video for Wax Fang, realised combining cut out images and archive footage in order to visually reflect the surreal imagery evoked by the lyrics.

Kedves Vezeto (Fear Leader) | Zsuzsanna Kreif & Balázs Turai | Hungary | 2018 | 7:11
The name of the totalitarian country is Optimistan, where Candide (the butterfly-researcher = lepidopterist) unintentionally crosses border chasing after a special kind of butterfly which happens to wear the same colors as Optimistan’s national flag. After being forced to watch a propaganda film as punishment, the naive and optimistic Candide, who doesn’t realise the film is a lie and he is under arrest of a dictator, applies to get citizenship.

Animators' Picnic Presented By Cartoon Network

cartoon_network_logo_2018.jpgTAC, Animapass, and Friday Day-Pass holders only / Ouvert uniquement aux détenteurs de badges du TAC, de l'Animapass et du Pass pour le vendredi  

The Animators' Picnic has been an OIAF tradition since 1976, and we don’t plan on stopping! 

Enjoy a double decker bus ride down to Ottawa’s picturesque Strathcona Park for a beautiful picnic! We will be pitching a gigantic tent in the park to shield you from sunrays and raindrops. Enjoy a delicious complimentary meal and complimentary beverages, too! If you feel creative, and we hope you do… try your hand at our pumpkin carving contest. There are amazing prizes to be won, courtesy of Cartoon Network. 

Our busses will begin shuttle service at the ByTowne Cinema following the 11:00AM screening (approx 12:15PM). Service from Arts Court will begin at approx 12:30PM. The busses will continue shuttling back and forth for the duration of the picnic. (Drop off at Arts Court only) 

For those who prefer to travel on foot, Strathcona is a 20 minute walk away. 

Montez à bord d’un autobus à impériale en direction du légendaire pique-nique des animateurs au parc Strathcona. Une grande tente vous abritera du soleil ou de la pluie. Dégustez des collations et des boissons gratuites, puis mettez à l’épreuve vos talents de sculpture de citrouilles. De chouettes produits du Cartoon Network seront à gagner.
Nos autobus débuteront leur service de navette au Cinéma ByTowne après la projection de 11 h  et puis de la Cour des Arts à minuit 30. La distance le permettant, ceux qui voudront prendre de l’air frais pourront faire le trajet à pied. Le service de navette continuera ses allers-retours au parc Strathcona pendant la durée du pique-nique. Veuillez noter que les autobus de retour ne laisseront les passagers qu’à la Cour des Arts (2, avenue Daly).

Student Party / Moshkamo After Party

Mòshkamo Ticket and passholders + volunteers


It’s Friday night and the students are out! We’ll be screening films by animation students from Sheridan College, Algonquin College and the Seneca College of Applied Arts and Technology. All students are invited to mingle and meet their peers from across the country. Maybe you’ll meet the next legendary animator.

Head upstairs to the Studio where the OIAF is co-hosting the Mòshkamo Indigenous Arts Festival after party. Come and see the two newest films from Taqqut Productions, Giant Bear and What’s My Superpower. Open to all

All ages are invited. 19+ ID is required to be served alcohol.

Vendredi soir, c’est la soirée des étudiants! Cette fête exclusive est une occasion de réseauter et de jaser avec d’autres étudiants et participants du Festival. Vous verrez des films du Collège Sheridan, Collège Algonquin, et Seneca College of Applied Arts and Technology.

Monter au Studio du Théâtre de la Cour des arts pour la afterparty de le Festival des arts autochtones Mòshkamo, organisée conjointement avec le FIAO. Venez voir les deux films nouveaux de Taqqut Productions, Giant Bear et What’s My Superpower. Ouvert à tous.

Awards Ceremony

Joel Frenzer, returns to co-host with OIAF Artistic Director Chris Robinson, partaking in plenty of mischief that may or may not include guest appearances by the Note Taker and other silent animation legends. Then we move on to what really matters when the winners of the Short, Feature, VR and Young Audiences Competitions are announced by the 2019 juries – including our always unharnessed and unpredictable Kids Jury! 

Joel Frenzer revient coanimer auprès du directeur artistique du FIAO, Chris Robinson, lesquels s’adonneront à bien des espiègleries, qui pourraient comprendre, ou non, des invités spéciaux comme par le Preneur de Notes et des autres légendes d'animation silencieuse. Ne manquez pas le grand dévoilement, où les gagnants pour les catégories Court métrage, Long métrage, RV et Compétitions pour les jeunes publics seront annoncés par les jurys de 2019 – dont le plus divertissant, notre jury d’enfants! 

Closing Night Party


It’s not a goodbye, it’s just until next year! Join us at Chez Ani for a final toast. This is a casual get-together before we part ways. We look forward to seeing you in 2020 for another celebration of the world of animation. That’s all folks! 

All ages are invited. 19+ ID is required to be served alcohol. 

La fi n est proche et la grande finale est ici! Réunissons-nous pour un dernier toast. Une aff aire décontractée à la Cour des arts, une dernière chance de discuter ou de se détendre. Nous sommes impatients de nous revoir en 2020, au même moment et au même endroit, pour une autre celebration du monde de l’animation.