Animation Takes a Drive
Animation Takes a Drive

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It was to be the great liberator of time and space. It would bring us together, improve our connections, make the world smaller. No no no... not the internet... the automobile (though feel free to draw parallels). The promised convenience of the car has come with a hefty price.  Intended to serve us, the car has instead dominated, altered and distracted our personalities, environment, geography and lives. This screening, which covers a long stretch of animation history and features classic cartoons (The New Car, Automania 2000) along with an assortment of old and new shorts (including some rarities like Peter Foldes’ Faster, Elbert Tuganov’s Drivers) from around the globe, takes a lighthearted look at the questionable impact that cars have on our daily lives. (Chris Robinson)

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Ça devait être le grand libérateur du temps et de l’espace. Ça devait nous rapprocher, améliorer nos liens, rendre le monde plus petit. Non, non, pas l’Internet — l’automobile (mais soyez à l’aise de faire le parallèle). Cette commodité promise de la voiture s’est avérée très coûteuse. Conçue pour nous servir, la voiture nous a plutôt dominés. Elle a changé et distrait notre personnalité, notre environnement, notre géographie et notre vie. Cette projection, qui couvre une grande part de l’histoire de l’animation et qui met en vedette des dessins animés classiques (The New Car, Automania 2000) ainsi qu’une sélection de vieux et de nouveaux courts-métrages (dont quelques raretés, comme Faster, de Peter Foldes, et Drivers, d’Elbert Tuganov) provenant de partout au monde, jette un regard léger sur l’incidence discutable des voitures sur notre vie quotidienne. (Chris Robinson)


Thursday, September 26 — 11:00 am

Friday, September 27 — 9:15 pm

Screening List:

The New Car
The New Car | U.B. Iwerks | 1931 | USA | 7:26

“Frog buys sexualized car from stage evil Jew, goes drag racing and has horrible accident, uses car to attempt to screw a cat, gets car drunk, kills a goat, steals a train. Hilarity ensues.” -T.C. Bramblett 

OIAF19 Owl
Autókór | László Réber & István Imre | 1964 | Hungary | 9:39

Tired of the daily commute, a man believes the car will be the solution to all his problems. It’s entirely possible that he’s wrong.

Automania 2000
Automania 2000 | John Halas | 1963 | UK | 10:00

In the race to produce bigger and better cars we see how humanity adapts to life in a grid-locked world.

Mr Rossi Buys a Car
Il Signor Rossi Compra L'Automobile (Mr. Rossi Buys a Car) | Bruno Bozzetto | 1966 | Italy | 11:00

After realizing almost everyone around him has a car, Mr. Rossi decides to get one for himself, but he quickly learns that being a motorist isn't all its cracked up to be.

OIAF19 Owl
Drivers | Elbert Tuganov | 1972 | Estonia | 7:00

If we are not careful, one day the cars will take over all existence on Earth.

Plus vite (Faster) | Peter Foldes | 1965 | France | 7:57

Faster! Faster! Faster! We must get there FASTER. Where though?

Nighthawk | Špela Čade× | 2016 | Slovenia/Croatia | 8:56

If we didn’t have cars, we wouldn’t have drunk drivers, badgers included.

Car Crash Opera
Car Crash Opera | Skip Battaglia | 2012 | USA | 7:55

A tragic/comic opera about a tragic/comic fatal multi-car crash. The results are smashing.

Yield | Caleb Wood | 2014 | USA | 1:41

We don’t just kill each other with cars, we’ve also killed a few animals along the way to wherever it is we’re going with such urgency.

Chris Robinson, Artistic Director, Ottawa International Animation Festival