The Liquid Visions of Kathy Rose
The Liquid Visions of Kathy Rose

Kathy Rose is equal parts animator and dancer, known for her uncanny choreographies, both on and off-screen. Through her animations and performances, Rose shows us what it is to disembody the body and go supernatural and impossible instead. Her works occupy the spaces of afterlives and underworlds, haunted by secretive spirits who hide behind masks and engage in minimalist rituals. She shows us what it might look like to draw the self-as-other, make fluid the line between the self and other, and freely enter into bold, rhythmic mirror-worlds. Rose’s oeuvre dates back to the 1970s, and incorporates her animation training from Cal Arts as well as decades of research and mentorship in Japanese performance traditions. This program presents her early psychedelic hand-drawn cartoons, documentation of her celebrated expressionistic performances, recent digital collage animations, and a live performance of Opera of the Interior, supplemented by conversation with the artist. (Emily Pelstring)

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Kathy Rose est à parts égales animatrice et danseuse, reconnue pour ses chorégraphies incroyables, tant à l’écran que sur la scène. À travers ses animations et ses représentations, Rose nous montre ce que c’est que de sortir du corps et de faire place au surnaturel et à l’impossible. Ses œuvres sont logées dans l’espace de l’au-delà et des mondes souterrains, hantées par des esprits en catimini qui se cachent derrière des masques et prennent part à des rituels minimalistes. Elle nous montre ce que ce serait peut-être que de dessiner le soi comme l’autre, rendre fluide la ligne entre le soi et l’autre, et entrer librement dans des mondes miroirs rythmiques et audacieux. L’œuvre de Rose date aussi loin que des années 70, et incorpore sa formation en animation de Cal Arts ainsi que des décennies de recherche et de mentorat en traditions japonaises de l’art de la représentation. Ce programme présente ses premiers dessins animés à la main psychédéliques, de la documentation de ses représentations expressionnistes célébrées, des animations numériques par collage récentes, et une représentation en direct de Opera of the Interior, agrémenté d’une conversation avec l’artiste. (Emily Pelstring)


Thursday, September 26 — 7:00 pm (w/ Performance + Q&A)

Saturday, September 28 — 5:00 pm (Films Only)

Screening List:

Movers | Animation | 1972 | 2:32

Kathy Rose's first animated film, an expression of human motion as absurdist as it is surreal.

Mirror People
Mirror People | Animation | 1974 | 4:21

Reflections within a mirror take on lives of their own, shifting and contorting their forms in all manner of ways. To achieve its distinctively strange aesthetic, the entire film was drawn upside-down and lit from underneath rather than above.

Primitive Movers
Primitive Movers | Performance documentation | 1983 | 4:05

Rose's first fusion of animation with live dance, which she has performed extensively around the world.

Performance Excerpts
Performance Excerpts | Performance documentation | Various Years | 2:26

A collection of recorded excerpts of some of Kathy Rose's celebrated live performances, including The Cathedral of Emptiness, Oriental Interplay, and Syncopations.

Queen of the Fluids
Queen of the Fluids | Performance documentation | 2003 | 6:32

As the rain falls backwards, a golden queen rises up. As the gold drips out of her body, we enter her mind into a metaphysical kingdom.

She | Video | 2009 | 4:25

An insectoid fantasy with an indio/arachnid soundtrack by C.P. Roth. The film reflects Rose's fascination with butoh dance theatre.

Cubistemenco | Video | 2014 | 5:03

A dance where the stylized personae impart a world of pattern and rhythm. Rose originally used the film's music for a live dance that combined flamenco with a Japanese sensibility.

Reverie of the Puppets
Reverie of the Puppets | Video | 2018 | 5:15

In this film, the viewer is taken to a beautiful landscape of tress that gradually becomes more psychedelic and dreamlike. At the end the dreamers dream, and the sleepers sleep.

Beings of the Second Sphere
Beings of the 2nd Sphere | Video | 2019 | 5:56

As the masks fall, our true faces are revealed in this film's nocturnal universe of drawings where the loons cry and the fireflies bespeckle the sky.

Architecture of the Breath
Architecture of the Breath | Video | 2019 | 4:42

Entering the magical world of web which we work and breathe with them as they unreel a complex harmonious world...we follow.

Opera of the Interior
Opera of the Interior | Live Performance (1st screening only, recorded excerpt for 2nd screening) | 20:00

As the eye awakens and brings forth consciousness, prepare to enter the world of the interior.

Emily Pelstring, Professor
Kathy Rose, Kathy Rose