The Mischievous Musings of Piotr Bosacki
The Mischievous Musings of Piotr Bosacki

Animating an assortment of everyday objects and modest drawings, the films of Polish animator/artist/musician/writer, Piotr Bosacki (e.g. Shekhinah, Dracula, To Love Life, Utter Rubbish) are a mix of physics lectures, intimate audio diaries, and the basement rants of some Dostoevsky mad man. Bosacki’s works explore the complexities and inconsistencies of universal systems and structures, all while seeming to champion the inevitable fucked-up-ness of it all. These minimalist and mischievous musings of existence will leave you frustrated, frightened and confused yet somehow mesmerized, intrigued and as giddy as a dog running manically on a spring day at the park. (Chris Robinson)
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Des objets de tous genres animés et des dessins modestes : les films de l’animateur/artiste/musicien/écrivain polonais, Piotr Bosacki, (p. ex., Shekhinah, Dracula, To Love Life, Utter Rubbish) sont un mélange de notions de physique, d’entrées de journal intime audio et de diatribes de sous-sol d’un Dostoevsky maboule. Les œuvres de Bosacki explorent les complexités et les contradictions des systèmes et structures de l’univers, tout en semblant représenter leur embourbement inévitable. Ces élans épurés et espiègles sur l’existence vous laisseront frustré, effrayé et confus, et en même temps, captivé, intrigué et aussi étourdi qu’un chien qui court comme un fou lors d’un jour de printemps au parc. (Chris Robinson)


Friday, September 27 — 7:00 pm

Saturday, September 28 — 11:00 am

Screening List:

Szechina (Shekhinah) | 2010 | 11:11

A sniffling, deadpan narrator recounts a dream about a glowing woman, some angels, a rabbi, a minister of culture, and assorted goings-on.

Drakula (Dracula) | 2010 | 10:10

In Dracula, Bosacki develops a story based on the knowledge of physics, chemistry, and biology, intertwined with his personal confessions.

To Love Life
Umiłowanie życia (To Love Life) | 2011 | 12:00

To Love Life is a treatise on the structure of the world and its perception. Extremely intense and genuine experience combined with a profound analysis lead to conclusions that allow the development of a universal model of reality.

Utter Rubbish
Kompletne bzdury (Utter Rubbish) | 2011 | 7:00

Money, parasites, bowels and the Chopin piano competition come together in this burlesque comedy.

Self-Evident Things
Rzeczy oczywiste (Self-Evident Things)| 2013 | 10:00

A film that uses living objects to ponder the human condition, constructing animated visual metaphors for the machines and systems of the body, nature, and our society.

With the Artist's Kind Permission
Dzięki uprzejmości artysty (With the Artist's Kind Permission) | 2016 | 10:10

Bosacki explores how a work of art comes into existence, examining the unconventional relations between image and text through elaborate classical animation.

Die Kunst der Animation
Die Kunst der Animation: cykl 6 filmów (The Art of Animation: Cycle of 6 Films) | Silent | 2016 | 10:28

Chris Robinson, Artistic Director, Ottawa International Animation Festival