The Tales of Lizzy Hobbs
The Tales of Lizzy Hobbs

Elizabeth Hobbs is one of the most imaginative, energetic and perhaps underappreciated indie animators around today. Hobb’s films (including The Emperor, The Old, Old, Very Old Man, The True Story of Sawney Beane, G-Aaah and I’m OK) are notable for the unusual techniques that range from ink on bathroom tile, typewriters, watercolour on paper, butterfly prints, and rubber stamps). If there is a constant throughout her work, it’s the playful proclivity for unusual - yet true - periods in history that touch on witches, vampires, cannibals, Napoleon’s penis and a really, really, really, old guy). The blurred, hurried, transient feel of her films aptly reflects the mysterious haziness of her quirky historical subjects; as though we’re squinting at faint memories struggling to take shape, find form and become, before vanishing as rapidly as they appeared. (Chris Robinson)

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Elizabeth Hobbs est l’une des animatrices indépendantes les plus imaginatives, énergiques et peut-être aussi mal appréciées de ce jour. Ses films, dont The Emperor, The Old, Old, Very Old Man, The True Story of Sawney Beane, G-Aaah et I’m OK, sont connus pour leurs techniques inhabituelles qui passent de l’encre sur des tuiles de salle de bain, l’emploi de dactylos, la peinture à l’eau sur du papier, des motifs de papillons, et des étampes de caoutchouc. Si ses œuvres ont quelque chose en commun, c’est une prédisposition joviale vers des périodes de l’histoire étranges – mais bien vraies - qui concernent les sorcières, les vampires, les cannibales, le pénis de Napoléon, et un monsieur vraiment, vraiment, vraiment vieux. L’impression embrouillée, pressée et éphémère que projettent ses films reflète habilement l’aura mystérieuse de ses sujets historiques un peu marginaux; comme si nous nous efforcions de voir des souvenirs en oubli qui tentent de prendre forme, de se retrouver et d’exister, avant de s’effacer aussi vite qu’ils étaient apparus. (Chris Robinson)


Thursday, September 26 — 5:00 pm

Saturday, September 28 — 1:00 pm

Screening list:

Glenda and Overexcited
Glenda and Overexited | 1998 | 1:57

Animation. Fuzzy felt. It's the future!

The Last Regret of the Grim Reaper | 1999 | 1:25

The Grim Reaper dances everyone to their deaths.

The Emperor | 2001 | 4:16

The tale of a quest to free Napoleon Bonaparte from exile on the island of St Helena, including fresh insight into the mystery of The Emperor's pickled private parts.

The Witches | 2002 | 6:30

In 1590, the reigning monarch King James VI of Scotland was in danger of being toppled from his throne; due to the blight of witchcraft. In North Berwick, three fishwives – Margaret, Ina and Sandra – have good reason to believe that they might be targets of the King’s witch hunt and so set about devising a plan to save themselves from the fearful witch-dooking apparatus.

The True Story of Sawney Beane | 2005 | 10:38

In 16th-century Scotland, young Sawney Beane yearns to itch and scratch and buccaneer. So he bids farewell to his parents and their life of honest toil. Forty years on, Mr. Beane croaks his dying wish to Betty, his wife. “Go and find our lost son.” And so Betty strikes off on her quest across the land, with the family savings in a hankie and a secret suspicion in her heart.

The Filing of the Fangs
The Filing of the Fangs | 2010 | 0:52

KT Tunstall recounts a childhood memory of dental misadventure.

The Old, Old, Very Old Man | 2007 | 6:48

152-year-old Thomas Parr is taken to meet King Charles I, who orders a celebration of his longevity.

Little Skipper | 2010 | 1:02

Butterfly prints of butterflies, animated.

Tricky Women Festival Trailer | 2010 | 0:32

Imperial Provisor Frombald | 2013 | 4:07

The true story of Imperial Provisor Frombald, a very composed and efficient administrator who is asked to travel deep into the Serbian countryside to resolve a spot of eighteenth century vampire hysteria that leaves him feeling nothing less than a little hysterical himself.

G-AAAH | 2016 | 1:23

Amy Johnson worked as a typist for a firm of solicitors before her record-breaking solo flight from London to Australia in 1930.  This film has been created as a celebration of her journey using an Underwood 315 typewriter.

I’m OK | 2018 | 6:04

Following the end of a stormy love affair, Expressionist artist, Oskar Kokoschka, enlists in the First World War. During battle he suffers serious wounds.  As medics transport the injured Kokoschka, he experiences a series of memories and visions. Playful and imaginative, I'm OK explores the wounds of heartbreak and trauma.

The Flounder | 2019 | 7:00

An adaptation of The Fisherman and his Wife, an 18th century fable about greed, by the Brothers Grimm.

Chris Robinson, Artistic Director, Ottawa International Animation Festival