World Panorama
World Panorama

The Panorama screenings are more of the best new animation work selected from over 2,000 entries. They feature a mixture of short independent films, TV commercials, series, student films, music videos, and more. 

The World Panorama presents a snapshot of independent filmmaking from outside of Canada, highlighting interesting techniques, voices, styles and stories. This year's selections reach from the USA all the way to Iran, Russia, China and Japan, representing important international issues, worthy points of amusement and everything in between. This program truly is a damned wonderful mixed bag.

Individual tickets will be available online, and 30 minutes before showtime for all other screenings.


Thursday, September 26 — 1:00 pm

Sunday, September 29 — 1:00 pm

Film Title Director(s) Production Company Nationality  
1.March of the Thinking Machines Adi GelbartGermany 
2.Wong Ping’s Fables 2 Ping WongHong Kong 
3.Quiet Sonja RohlederGermany 
4.The Flood Is Coming Gabriel BöhmerUK & Switzerland 
5.Invaders From Above Dano Johnson & Kevin MaherCollection Agency FilmsUSA 
6.Me Too 'Daniela' Natalie LabarreHornetUSA 
7.Selfies Claudius GentinettagentinettafilmSwitzerland 
8.Edge Steven SubotnickUSA 
9.Creepy Pasta Salad Lauren OrmeWinding Snake ProductionsUK & Cardiff 
10.Under Covers Michaela OlsenMighty OakUSA 
11.Portrait en pied de Suzanne (Based on a novel by Roland Topor) (Portrait of Suzanne) Izabela PlucinskaClay Traces, Films de Force Majeure, Foundation Las SztukiPoland & Germany, France 
12.Dolphin Poem Julian GlanderUSA 
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