Canadian Panorama
Canadian Panorama

The panorama screenings are more of the best new animation work selected from nearly 2,000 entries. They feature a mixture of short independent films, TV commercials, series, student films, music videos, and more.

Turning the spotlight on notable Canadian techniques, stories, and experiments, the Canadian Panorama presents a diverse cross section of our host country's most recent animated films.

Individual tickets will be available online, and 30 minutes before showtime for all other screenings.


Thursday, September 26 — 5:00 pm

Saturday, September 28 — 1:00 pm

Film Title Director(s) Production Company Nationality  
1.Beatbox Anima Mundi 2019 Janet PerlmanHulascope Studio Inc.Canada 
2.TAAFI 2019 Joel Mackenzie & Spencer MorelandCanada 
3.Giant Bear Neil Christopher & Daniel GiesCanada 
4.Étude pour automates cellulaires no 2 (Étude for Cellular Automata No. 2) Guillaume Pelletier-AugerCanada 
5.Laila Sady Johnson Wasn't Beaten by No Train Jenna MarksCanada 
6.Deady Freddy Alicia EisenCanada 
7.Limbo Farid YahaghiCanada 
8.Quatre histoires migrantes (Four Migrant Stories) Agathe Bray-BourretCanada & France 
9.Desire on the Surface of the Skin Sunny StanilaCanada 
10.I_I_I Brandon BlommaertCanada 
11.Mac DeMarco 'Here Comes The Cowboy' Cole KushCanada 
12.Oncle Thomas – La comptabilité des jours (Uncle Thomas: Accounting for the Days) Regina PessoaCiclope Filmes, National Film Board of Canada, Les ArmateursPortugal & Canada, France 
13.Wawatay Neil Affleck & Morgan KagesheongaiSeneca CollegeCanada 
14.TV Richard ReevesCanada 
15.Wunderkammer Jennifer LintonPapercut PicturesCanada & ON 
16.Dream Cream Noam SussmanEstonian Academy of ArtsEstonia & Canada 
17.The Cycle of Life Justin TomchukCanada 
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