I Lost My Body
I Lost My Body

J'ai perdu mon corps (I Lost My Body) | Jérémy Clapin | France | 2019 | 82 min

Already celebrated for his innovative short films (Skhizein, Palmipédarium), Jérémy Clapin premiered his debut feature at Cannes, where it won the coveted Critic’s Week prize.  I Lost My Body is a striking work of poignant beauty that follows the life of Naoufel, a young man struggling to find himself after the loss of his parents as a child, then the loss of his own hand as an adult, which takes with it his dreams of being a pianist and astronaut. Though a macabre premise, the parallel stories of Naoufel’s life in Paris where he pursues love and purpose and his severed hand’s life roaming the mean streets of Paris in search of its body, along with the flashbacks that connect them, evoke a sympathy not expected for a disembodied limb. Smart, poetic and funny, I Lost My Body deftly explores identity, grief, love and courage.

"A sinuous, thought-provoking melody of creative leaps that coalesce into an unpredictable narrative gem, I Lost My Body (J'ai perdu mon corps) is sit up and take notice animation."
-Lisa Nesselson, Screen Daily

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À Paris, la main tranchée d'un jeune homme s'échappe d'un salle de dissection, bien décidée à retrouver son corps. Au cours de sa cavale semée d'embûches à travers la ville, elle se remémore toute sa vie commune avec lui, jusqu'à sa rencontre avec Gabrielle.

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Friday, September 27 — 7:15 pm (GALA)

Sunday, September 29 — 5:00 pm

About the Director
Toward the end of the 90s, Jérémy Clapin studied animation and illustration at the Paris École des Arts Décoratifs. He graduated in 1999 and in 2000 began working as an illustrator. In 2004, he shot his first short film, Une histoire vertébrale, which was warmly received in festivals. In 2008, he directed Skhizein, where he tells the story of a man hit by a meteor and who finds himself 91 centimeters from his body, which has become invisible. Jérémy Clapin continued his activity in advertising, then in 2012 made Palmipedarium, where he experimented with a new manner of making animation that came closer to real shots. I Lost My Body is his first feature-length film.

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