On-Gaku: Our Sound
On-Gaku: Our Sound

ON-GAKU: Our Sound | Kenji Iwaisawa | Japan | 2019 | 68 min

Like many teenage boys, Kenji turns to music to express his teenage angst and impress a girl. Does it matter that he and his friends have never played instruments? Of course not; he’s definitely got a guitar at home, so grab a bass and only two drums and let’s start a band. Our Sound’s lesson is one no teenage boy needs; with blind confidence and absolutely no effort, you too can win friends and influence people. Based on the manga by Hiroyuki Ohashi, the film’s animation technique evolves as the story does, culminating in a rock n roll spectacle for the ears and the eyes.

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Comme bien des garçons adolescents, Kenji se tourne vers la musique pour exprimer ses émotions et impressionner une fille. Qu’est-ce que ça change que lui et ses amis n’aient jamais touché à un instrument? Rien; il a bel et bien une guitare à la maison, alors prenez la basse et deux simples tambours, et formons un groupe. La leçon dans Our Sound en est une dont nul adolescent n’a besoin; avec une confiance aveugle et sans faire aucun effort, il possible de se faire des amis et d’influencer les gens. Basé sur le manga d’Hiroyuki Ohashi, la technique d’animation du film évolue alors que l’histoire avance, culminant en un spectacle rock’n’roll pour les oreilles et les yeux.

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Thursday, September 26 — 11:00 am (GALA)

Friday, September 27 — 9:15 pm

About the Director
Born in 1981 in Tokyo. After graduation from high school studied with director Teruo Ishii starting from feature film production then moving on to animation. First animated work “Fukuraicho man in the tunnel maze” was completed in 2008. Continued working on focus on short animation films and an independent animation feature film “ON-GAKU Our Sound” since 2012.

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