Away | Gints Zilbalodis | Latvia | 2019 | 75 min
The chase is on. A boy wakes up in a parachute in a desert. Running from a spectral giant, he finds an oasis. Alone on his quest, save a yellow bird, the boy makes the brave decision to follow a map to safety. With the deathly creature calmly following behind, you won’t be able to relax for a moment as the boy and his bird make their way across the island. With the brilliant score accompanying the high stakes of the journey, no words are necessary to connect you to the boy’s thoughts as he takes risks and pushes himself to his limits. Animated, edited, scored, and produced by Zilbalodis, Away is a gripping story in a lusciously animated world.

"Away plunges the viewer into something close to a meditative state, with Zilbalodis’ inspired self-composed score creating rushes of transfixing intensity."
- Jordan Mintzer, The Hollywood Reporter

Individual tickets will be available online and at the door.

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La poursuite est commencée. Un garçon se réveille accroché à un parachute dans le désert. Il s’échappe d’un géant spectral et trouve une oasis. Seul dans sa quête, sauf pour un oiseau jaune, le garçon prend la brave décision de suivre une carte vers un lieu sûr. Avec la dangereuse créature qui suit calmement derrière, vous ne pourrez vous détendre de tout le film, tandis que le garçon et son oiseau traverseront l’île. La brillante trame sonore qui accompagne les moments palpitants de cette aventure vous connecte aux pensées du garçon, sans besoin de mots, alors qu’il prend des risques et qu’il repousse ses limites. Animé, monté, mis en musique et produit par Zilbalodis, Away raconte une histoire poignante dans un monde animé verdoyant.

Des billets individuels seront disponibles sur notre site internet et à la porte.


Friday, September 27 — 3:00 pm (GALA)

Sunday, September 29 — 11:00 am

About the Director
Gints Zilbalodis (1994) is a Latvian filmmaker and animator. His fascination for filmmaking began at an early age watching classic films and making shorts and commercials. He has made 7 short films in various mediums including hand-drawn animation, 3D animation and live-action and often mixing their characteristic aesthetics.

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