VR Zone
VR Zone

Virtual reality has become a powerful and interactive medium for bringing works of art to life. From playfully psychedelic dreamscapes to harsh social commentaries - the National Film Board has led some of the most innovative, entertaining and challenging virtual reality experiences to date.  Immerse yourself September September 29th at our Animation Exposé!

National Film Board
TIDAL TRACES (Nancy Lee & Emmalena Fredriksson, 2018)
Tidal Traces is a 360-video VR dance piece where the viewer joins in—directly composing the performance through their gaze.

Effet mer est une vidéo de réalité virtuelle à 360° où le spectateur crée la chorégraphie à travers son regard.

(André Roy, 2017)
A school gym becomes the site of an experiment in reverse inclusion when non-disabled students ask for wheelchairs so that they can play basketball with their classmates, two sisters who have muscular dystrophy.  

Un gymnase devient le théâtre d’un mouvement d’inclusion inversée : des jeunes sans handicap demandent à jouer au basketball en fauteuils roulants avec leurs collègues, deux sœurs atteintes de dystrophie musculaire.

ROXHAM (Michel Huneault, 2018)
This immersive story centres on Roxham Road, a small section of the border where people are arrested and welcomed at the same time. Photographer Michel Huneault documented border interceptions of asylum seekers moving from the United States to Canada and their confusing quest for a safe place.

Un récit immersif sur le chemin Roxham, fragment de frontière où l’on arrête et où l’on accueille à la fois. Le photographe Michel Huneault documente l’interception de demandeurs d’asile passant des États-Unis vers le Canada et leur quête confuse d’un lieu sûr.

Toronto Animated Image Society

BANANA BREAD (Julian Gallese, 2018)
A 360º 2D drawn animation, Banana Bread by Julian Gallese invites you to hang out at a chill yet surreal garden party. Get comfortable, lounge by the pool, and observe your quirky companions. It’s a sweet time, complete with hot BBQ. Commissioned by the Toronto Animated Image Society (TAIS) for TAIS 2018 Artist in Residence program.

Mary Ellis, Two Sight Studios and Masterpiece VR

The demand for 3D animation and games is ever increasing but quality 3D content creation is still technically challenging. MasterpieceVR is the fastest, most natural way to create 3D content. It gives 2D artists a natural way to extend their skills to 3D without having to learn traditional software that is complex and unnatural. Experienced modelers will appreciate the speed and creative flexibility it gives while working alongside their current workflow. Create 3D in 3D. MasterpieceVR is also collaborative so you can co-create, teach or review your work with colleagues and clients easily, clearly and from anywhere.
Imagine how much time you would save? How much more you could accomplish? MasterpieceVR is 3D content creation the way you've always wanted it to be.

Artist and VR evangelist, Mary Ellis, will demo the unique capabilities of the software, Integrating cutting-edge motion capture technology showcasing character creation and animation from start to finish.