On Happiness Road
On Happiness Road

Hsing Fu Lu Shang (On Happiness Road) | 2017 | Hsin-Yin Sung | Taiwan | 110:00

What is the meaning of life? Or of happiness? On Happiness Road follows the journey of Chi as she struggles to find those very answers for herself. After chasing her American dream, Chi returns to Taiwan following the death of her grandmother. She reunites with her family on Happiness road, where she once lived. By reliving her lost memories, Chi is driven to reflect on what she left behind and what she must do to change her life going forward.
A vibrant flick, this autobiography by first-time director Sung Hsin-yin uses animation to visually and symbolically reflect the collective memory of Taiwanese society, documenting its changes and questioning its values. Echoing the sweeping social changes in Taiwan during the past three decades, the film is an inspiring blend of nostalgia, aesthetics, and history.

Quel est le sens de la vie? Ou du bonheur? On Happiness Road suit le cheminement de Chi, alors qu’elle cherche avec difficulté ses propres réponses à ces questions. Après avoir pourchassé son rêve américain, Chi retourne en Taïwan à la suite du décès de sa grand-mère. Elle est réunie avec sa famille sur le chemin du Bonheur, où elle vivait avant. En revivant ses souvenirs perdus, Chi est poussée à réfléchir à ce qu’elle a laissé derrière elle, et à ce qu’elle doit faire pour changer sa vie à partir de ce jour.
Un film vibrant, cette autobiographie, première œuvre de la réalisatrice Sung Hsin-yin, se sert de l’animation afin de refléter visuellement et symboliquement la mémoire collective de la société Taïwanaise, de documenter ses changements et de questionner ses valeurs. Faisant écho des changements sociaux considérables qui se sont produits en Taïwan au cours des trois dernières décennies, ce film est un mélange inspirant de nostalgie, d’esthétique et d’histoire.

"Taiwanese director Sung Hsin-yin's animated feature debut is an ambitious, affecting mix of history and nostalgia that avoids cheap sentimentality."
-Clarence Tsui, The Hollywood Reporter


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About the Director

HsinYin was born in Taipei. She studied Film Theory in Kyoto University, later graduated from Columbia College of Chicago with a Master’s Degree in Film. Before becoming a filmmaker, HsinYin was a journalist, writer, store clerk at Kyoto karaoke and photographer. As a filmmaker, HsinYin is interested in using different film genres to explore universal relationships among people. She has a particular interest in finding the pace of a film through editing, like composing a piece of music. Her live action shorts such as The Red Shoes, Single Waltz have been screened at numerous international film festivals. Her first directing animation short won The Best Animation Award at 2013 Taipei Film Festival. On Happiness Road is her first animation feature, and she is also working on her first live action feature Love is a Bitch.

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