Industry Panel
Industry Panels
In consultation with our Canadian and international contacts, we develop a series of panels exploring current industry issues, including technology trends, co productions, successful content creation and much more. (TAC AnimaPass or TAC Only Pass required.)

Startoon: Cartoons by Cartoonists

In 2016, the Shaw Rocket Fund and Wildseed Studios launched an ambitious talent development initiative. Targeting emerging creators and focusing on character-driven, creator-driven concepts, Startoon connected directly with an under-served group of Canadian animation creators, providing a showcase for exciting new voices.

Hear first hand from Startoon's first group of finalists, and the producer of the program, Mike Valiquette, as they share their thoughts on Startoon's success and how it has managed to bridge the gap between animator and broadcaster.

Andy Greiling, Independent Film Maker
Mathieu Hains, Senior Animator, Developer, Jam Filled
Joel Mackenzie, Writer/Director/Character Designer
Steven Woolley, Animator

Moderated By:
Mike Valiquette, Producer/Director, Startoon

Animation, Innovation, and Convergence in the Heart of Quebec's Digital Economy

Through its artists, animators, indie studios, programmers, game developers, R & D centres, and educational institutions, Quebec is transforming itself as a leader in the digital economy. Come and listen to some of the players in this field speak about their current projects, commercial models, risk-taking, the next generation of makers, and their insights on the converging digital industries of VR, VFX, gaming, and animation.

Julien Coll, Responsable du développement des affaires, CDRIN
Isabelle Cayer, Directrice générale
Archita Ghosh, Executive Producer + Partner, e’d films
JF Malouin, CEO & Artist, Momentum R&D

Moderated By:
Isabelle Marazzani, Coordonnatrice, Campus ADN

Like, Comment, Share : How to Rock the Digital Content World

With a carte blanche and space for compelling, progressive and edgy storytelling, digital content now has more of a buy in and investment from both media organizations and audiences.  Three web series creators share their stories of maneuvering through this thriving digital landscape.  With their projects as examples, panelists will discuss choosing the right channels and platforms for your content; building, engaging and sustaining audiences; taking advantage of support, including platform resources and funding; as well as their challenges and successes with their project.

Panelists Online:   


Morghan Fortier, Co-Owner & CEO, Skyship Entertainment / Tinman Creative Studios
Winston Rowntree, Creator, Virus Comix

Moderated By:
Joel Frenzer, Artist, Professor, Filmmaker

So You Want to Run a Studio?

Presented in collaboration with CASO

If you ever had the thought that you could run a studio then this is the panel for you. Learn first hand the jumping in point for each studio owner and the highlights and low-lights along the way.  The panel consists of owners from the VFX, Animation, Design and IP creation world.  Our motley crew panel ranges from an artist who turned down a job from Speilberg to an owner who kept fake people on their answering machine to appear larger, and an pioneer who started his studio when each workstation was 50K .  These entrepreneurs have gone on to work on major motion pictures, TV series, win Emmy Awards, CSA, VES, and created hundreds of jobs all within Ontario.  

Matt Bishop, Partner/Producer, Sinking Ship Entertainment Inc
Ricardo Curtis, Founder and Creative Director, House of Cool
Pete Denomme, CEO & Executive Producer, Switch Animation
Morghan Fortier, Co-Owner & CEO, Skyship Entertainment / Tinman Creative Studios
Rick Morrison, President, Big Jump Entertainment

Moderated By:
Ben McEvoy, Producer / Host, The Smartist