Eleven Moving Moments with Evelyn Lambart
Eleven Moving Moments with Evelyn Lambart

An instructive compilation about pioneer Ottawa animator Evelyn Lambart, playfully contextualized by filmmaker Donald McWilliams.


“Behind every great man is a great woman”, so the saying goes.  In this case, it was Evelyn Lambart standing next to Norman McLaren, not behind him. Canada’s first woman animator, an under-recognised collaborator of McLaren for 21 years, who was a sterling animator in her own right. This compilation sets the record straight.


« Derrière chaque grand homme, se cache une grande femme », dit le proverbe. Dans ce cas, Evelyn Lambart a plutôt été aux côtés de Norman McLaren, et non derrière lui. La première femme animatrice du Canada, discrète collaboratrice de McLaren pendant 21 ans, était à elle seule, une animatrice de premier ordre. Cette sélection remet les choses au clair.  Proposé par Donald McWilliams 


Evelyn Lambart was born in 1914 in Ottawa, and died in 1999. A graduate of the Ontario College of Art in1937. Initially, she worked for the federal government illuminating the Book of Remembrance for those who died in World War One. From there she joined the National Film Board of Canada, where she became known for her skills in creating maps for wartime documentaries. Around 1944, she began assisting Norman McLaren and worked with him until 1965 becoming an essential collaborator. In 1965, Lambart decided to make her own films. McLaren had begun making dance films, something that did not interest her. She then made a notable series of films for children of all ages, created with intricate and gorgeously coloured metal cut-outs.

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