Bob Sabiston: Waking Life
Bob Sabiston: Waking Life

USA|99 minutes|2001|English|Bob Sabiston


Bob Sabiston: Waking Life / Bob Sabiston: Une vie éveillée

“Magnify it, twist it, and amplify.” Those are the key words that make Sabiston’s often polarizing body of work as much as part of animation as Walt Disney or Norman McLaren. Sabiston doesn’t just trace over an image, he re-creates it, giving the image an entirely new life and meaning.

Sabiston’s hybrid animation (e.g. Snack and Drink, Waking Life, A Scanner Darkly) creates a unique collision between reality and fantasy, revealing an anxious, absurd, and unreal world that is also the very real and wacky sensation of living.

"Magnifiez-le, déformez-le et grandissez-le." Ce sont les mots clés qui montrent que l’ensemble de l’œuvre polarisante de Sabiston appartient autant à l’animation que Walt Disney ou Norman McLaren. Sabiston ne dessine pas seulement par-dessus les images, il les recrée, leur donnant une vie et un sens nouveaux.

De l'animation hybride de Sabiston (telle que « Snack and Drink », « Waking Life », « A Scanner Darkly ») nait la rencontre singulière entre réalité et fantaisie, révélant un monde anxieux, absurde et irréel, qui donne aussi l’incroyable sensation d’être vivant.

Rating: 14+


Bob Sabiston and his company Flat Black Films have been making innovative animation since 1987. His student films from the MIT Media Lab included "Grinning Evil Death" and God's Little Monkey. They were some of the first films to combine 2D and 3D computer animation. In 1997 Sabiston developed the computer-assisted rotoscoping technique for which Flat Black has become known. Dubbed "rotoshop", it achieved international recognition through MTV and such films as RoadHead, Snack and Drink, Waking Life, and A Scanner Darkly. With each film they do, Flat Black Films strive to recast our world in a more beautiful and revealing light. As a programmer, Bob is also author of the iOS apps Headspace, Voxel, and the videogame Retroid. He also developed Inchworm Animation ™, a handheld art and animation studio available via download for the Nintendo DSi / 3DS.


2007         The Even More Fun Trip (& Animator)
2006         Ryan's Capitol Tour
2004         Grasshopper
2000         Snack and Drink (& Animator)
2000         Figures of Speech
1999         Color Test (& Animator)
1998         Roadhead
1997         Project Incognito
1994         God's Little Monkey (& Animator)
1991         The Trees 

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