Night is Short, Walk On Girl
Night is Short, Walk On Girl

Japan|93 minutes|2017|English|Masaaki Yuasa

Feature Film Competition Selection
Night is Short, Walk on Girl is a romantic comedy based on the bestselling 2006 novel of the same name written by Tomihiko Morimi. Fans of Masaaki Yuasa will be not be disappointed by this imaginative feature, as it shares a strong connection to his previous works and his innovative cult TV series. Eschewing the typical Japanese animation styles and typical anime conventions, Yuasa fully embraces the use of evocative colors and surreal storylines to weave an unusual and amusing tale of love.

Set in Kyoto, Night is Short, Walk on Girl tells the story of Senpai, a university student who falls in love with Otome, "the girl with beautiful black hair." Senpai seeks Otome out at the used book market at Shimogamo Shrine but things do not go according to plan. Undaunted, Senpai decides that he must concoct even more "coincidental" meetings to win over his beloved, who so far hasn’t even noticed him. In this refreshing new take on Japanese cult animation, Yuasa allows us to witness the touching, tender, and sometimes awkward moments of blossoming love.

Rating: 18+

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Masaaki Yuasa is a Japanese animation director, scriptwriter, designer, and CEO of Science SARU. After graduating from Kyushu Sangyo University's Fine Arts program, he joined Ajia-do animation studio in Tokyo and became a key animator for the anime TV show Chibi Maruko-chan. He also did the animation for the first opening of Full of Dreams, and the ending for Dancing Pompokolin.  After becoming freelancer, he did the background set design and key-animation for the Crayon Shin-chan movies.  He also wrote the script for his first directorial work, 2004’s Mind Game, which won many awards including the Animation Division Grand Prize at the Japan Media Arts Festival (presented by the Agency for Cultural Affairs Japan). He would go on to direct his first original TV anime, Kemonozume (2006) as well as the 2010 series The Tatami Galaxy, based off the book by Tomihiko Morimi, both of which won many awards. In 2014, he also directed, wrote the script, and did the storyboarding for "Food Chain", an episode of the popular American TV series Adventure Time. This episode was popular enough that he was nominated for the Director's Award (TV Division) at the American Annie Awards.

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Night is Short, Walk on Girl est une comédie romantique basée sur le best-seller éponyme de 2006, écrit par Tomihiko Morimi. Les fans de Masaaki Yuasa ne seront pas déçus par cette fiction originale, qui conserve un lien fort avec ses œuvres précédentes et son innovante série TV devenue culte. En évitant le style classique et les codes typiques des animes japonais, Yuasa utilise avec assurance des couleurs évocatrices et une intrigue surréaliste pour tisser une histoire d'amour étonnante et amusante.

Se déroulant à Kyoto, The Night is Short, Walk on Girl raconte l'histoire de Senpai, un étudiant qui tombe amoureux d'Otome, «la fille aux beaux cheveux noirs». Senpai suit Otome au marché du livre de Shimogamo Shrine, mais les choses ne se déroulent pas comme il le prévoyait. Sans hésiter, Senpai décide qu'il doit provoquer plusieurs rencontres « par hasard », pour conquérir Otome, qui jusqu'alors ne l'a même pas remarqué. Dans cette nouvelle et rafraîchissante vision de l'animation japonaise, Yuasa nous offre des moments touchants, tendres et parfois gênants de l’amour en plein éclosion.

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