Lu Over the Wall
Lu Over the Wall

Japan|112 minutes|2017|English|Masaaki Yuasa

Feature Film Competition Selection
Lu Over the Wall is Yuasa's most recent work and it revolves around a young boy named Kai, whose life is thrown into upheaval as a result of his parents' divorce. Kai finds himself displaced from his life in Tokyo and shipped to a small and lonely fishing village under the care of his father and grandfather. As Kai attempts to adjust to his new life in the small village he happens to meet a mermaid of local legend, Lu. Kai and Lu become fast friends and soon Kai feels he is able to confide his true feelings with Lu. Not all the villagers see Lu as the friend that Kai does, however, and trouble is on the horizon. 

Visually stunning and richly imaginative, this tale of loss, love, identity, and acceptance shows us that sometimes the best way to discover the truth about reality is through fantasy. Lu Over the Wall is another touching emotional journey from Masaaki Yuasa, animator and director of the international award-winning Mind Games (2004). 

Rating:  8+

th_night is short, walk on girl_director.jpg   A Japanese animation director, scriptwriter, designer, and CEO of Science SARU. After graduating from Kyushu Sangyo University's Fine Arts program, he joined Ajia-do (an animation studio in Tokyo) and became a key animator for the anime TV show “Chibi Maruko-chan”. He also did the animation for the first opening of "Full of Dreams“, and the ending for ”Dancing Pompokolin". After becoming freelancer, he did the background set design and key-animation for the "Crayon Shin-chan" movies. He also wrote the script for his first directorial work, the 2004 "Mind Game", which won the Animation Division Grand Prize at the Japan Media Arts Festival put on by the Agency for Cultural Affairs Japan, as well as many other awards. He would go on to direct his first original TV anime, "Kemonozume" (2006) as well as the 2010 "The Tatami Galaxy", which is based off a book by Tomihiko Morimi, both of which won many awards. In 2014, he also directed, wrote the script, and did the storyboarding for "Food Chain", an episode of the popular American TV series "Adventure Time". This episode was popular enough that he was nominated for the Director's Award (TV Division) at the American Annie Awards

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Description française ci-dessous


Lu et l’île aux sirènes est le travail le plus récent de Yuasa, qui nous présente un jeune garçon prénommé Kai, dont la vie est bouleversée, suite au divorce de ses parents. Kai se retrouve loin de sa vie à Tokyo, dans un petit village de pêcheurs isolé, sous la garde de son père et son grand-père. Alors que Kai tente de s'adapter à sa nouvelle vie dans le petit village, il rencontre une sirène d’une légende locale, Lu. 

Kai et Lu deviennent rapidement amis et très vite Kai s’ouvre et se confie à Lu. Tous les villageois ne voient pas Lu du même œil que Kai, et les ennuis se profilent. 

Visuellement stupéfiant et incroyablement imaginatif, ce récit sur la perte, l'amour, l'identité et l'acceptation nous montre que parfois, la meilleure façon de découvrir la vraie réalité est à travers l’imaginaire. Lu et l’île aux sirènes est un autre voyage émouvant de Masaaki Yuasa, animateur et réalisateur de Mind Games, succès international en 2004.

Évalué pour les 8 ans et plus

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