Canadian Student Competition
Canadian Student Competition

Back again is the Canadian Student Competition, the out-of-competition competition where Canada's best and brightest animation students compete with each other for the title of Best Canadian Student Animation. 

Chosen from among many, many submissions to reflect the current state of the work being produced at Canadian animation schools, the films in this screening touch on many themes, techniques and storytelling approaches. Jam packed and full of new talent from across our vast nation, the Canadian Student Competition could contain any number of up-and-coming shooting stars of the animation world.

Winner will be awarded by the OIAF for the most outstanding Canadian student production /Le gagnant sera récompensé par l'OIAF pour la production la plus remarquable d'un étudiant canadien.

Individual tickets will be available online or at the door.

Saturday, September 23rd, 2017 1pm SnapUp Tickets - Canadian Student Competition 
Sunday, September 24th, 2017 1pm SnapUp Tickets - Canadian Student Competition

Film Title Director(s) Production Company Nationality  
1.Shell Game Yishen LiSheridan CollegeCanada 
2.Blindsided Jackie Droujko & Antonio CaggianoSheridan CollegeCanada 
3.Too Short to Know Better Max WoodwardMel Hopppenheim School of CinemaCanada 
4.The Lost Soul Marie-Josée DoutreUniversité Concordia, Mel Hoppenheim School of CinemaCanada 
5.If You Fall Tisha Deb PillaiEmily Carr University of Art+DesignCanada & India 
6.One Day at a Time Ruiting JiConcordia UniversityCanada 
7.Pomegranate Tree Anna Maria MouradianMel Hoppenheim School of Cinema, Concordia UniversityCanada 
8.Vers le ravage (Wintering) Louis RoyConcordia UniversityCanada 
9.Les Abeilles Domestiques (Domestic Bees) Alexanne DesrosiersMel Hoppenheim School of CinemaCanada 
10.An Echoing Memory of a Tongue Arash AkhgariMel Hoppenheim School of CinemaCanada 
11.Quarters Emily Millard, Airin Budiman, Brad Flowers, Karliegh Ivens, Maude Ashby, Tiya Zhong, Una Di Gallo, Virginia Findlay, Yingqi Wu & Una Di GalloSheridan CollegeCanada 
12.One Hell of a Party Austen PayneSeneca CollegeCanada 
13.Second Life Benjamin Reyes & Joshua FischleRyerson UniversityCanada 
14.Super Stop Gemma GoletskiEmily Carr University of Art + DesignCanada 
15.Late Night Kodai YanagawaEmily Carr University of Art + DesignCanada 
16.Run Robin TremblayNAD School MontrealCanada 
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