OIAF Grand Prize Winners 4
OIAF Grand Prize Winners 4


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The grand prize winners from 2000 to 2006 cover an array of different themes.  From the risks of disappointing your family in humourous (Dreams and Desires: Family Ties), uncomfortable (Igor Kovalyov’s third time on this list with Milch), or rather devastating (Home Road Movies) ways, to loss and stifled potential within the world of animation itself (Ryan), or the strange and complicated dangers of desire (Ring of Fire).  Within this diverse set of films we also see a variety of techniques at work.  Through a mix of black and white ink, computer, live action, and hand drawn animation, this set shows the innumerable techniques available to the modern artist to convey their personal visions and narratives onscreen.



2000 - Ring of Fire - Andreas Hykade (Germany) 15:10

Two cowboys make their way to the surreal bazaar of sexual desire, where they wait for something to happen—drinking, lying, and cheating in the meantime.


2002 - Home Road Movies - Robert Bradbrook (UK) 12:00

In this autobiographical film the narrator reminisces about the family vacations his father took them on in the family car when he and his siblings were young.


2004 - Ryan - Chris Landreth (Canada) 13:54

Filmmaker Chris Landreth animates his conversations with legendary Canadian animator Ryan Larkin and his descent into drug and alcohol abuse.


2005 - Milch - Igor Kovalyov (USA) 15:50

A son discovers his soldier father is having an affair with the woman who delivers their milk.


2006 - Dreams & Desires: Family Ties - Joanna Quinn (UK) 10:00

Beryl, who is obsessed with her new video camera, is asked to record a family wedding.  Despite her extensive film history knowledge, each of her artistic attempts threatens to ruin the event.