OIAF Grand Prize Winners 1
OIAF Grand Prize Winners 1


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The earliest winners of the OIAF Grand Prize take us on a journey from the painfully and joyfully ordinary, to the experimental and surreal.  Caroline Leaf’s 1976 animated classic The Street, utilizes the innovative mixture of paint and glycerin to create a muddled and fluid effect, illustrating the confusion and banality of loss.  Jean-Francois Laguionie’s La traversée de l'Atlantique à la rame takes us across the ocean, hiding the evils lurking underneath with his colourful figures and beautiful settings.  Geoff Dunbar’s Ubu takes inspiration from a nineteenth century play to create an edgy and confrontational film, both thoroughly contemporary and avant-garde.  Lastly, Frederic Back’s Crac! uses pencil and pastel to take us back to the past, celebrating the warmth of Quebecois pastoral life in contrast to current industrialization.  



1976 - The Street - Caroline Leaf (Canada) 10:12

Based on the Mordecai Richter story, a boy deals with the impending death of his grandmother and the affect this had on his family.


1978 - La traversée de l'Atlantique à la rame - Jean-François Laguionie (France) 23:00

A young couple takes on the adventure of rowing across the Atlantic Ocean, but tumultuous conditions and frightening visions begin to reflect the discord within the marriage itself. 


1980 - Ubu - Geoff Dunbar (UK) 20:00

Based on the nineteenth century play, Ma Ubu encourages her husband to increase his power by assassinating the king and crowning himself.  But this dark character will have to face the consequences of his violence.


1982 - Crac - Frederic Back (Canada) 15:00

A young carpenter creates a beautiful wooden rocking chair which takes on a life of its own as both a part of the family, and a nostalgic representation of Quebec’s rural past through the process of industrialization.