Part of OIAF Grand Prize Winners - Programme 4
Director: Igor Kovalyov (USA)
2005 Grand Prize Winner

Milch (Igor Kovalyov, OIAF 05)
Essay by Alexis Hunot

"I can’t write about this film … it’s too overwhelming … but you have to Chris Robinson asked you to …I saw it first in Annecy maybe he won’t like it … oh shut up just write what you felt when you saw the film.

You know this feeling when you see a film, and at the end of the screening you want everybody in the theatre to disappear, you want to be alone with what the film brought you.

What exactly? You’re not sure at first...

Hidden memories, precious thoughts…

Just this film and you

And you watch the film again and again and … You don’t fully understand the “What” but certainly the “Why”: Incredible lightning, perfect soundtrack, haunting faces, beautiful scenery, incredible sense of timing and of course the editing … the editing … no word for the perfection of it.

And then you start to remember that this incredible director Igor Kovalyov is also directing tv series like The Rugrats and to know that, suddenly you feel optimistic.

The past, the memories like frightened voices, like strange moments and at the end of the credits the light of laughter."

A rōnin for animation, Alexis works in schools (Esaat, Supinfocom, Emca, Gobelins ...), in festivals (Ficam, Animafest, Annecy ...), and has a website (Zewebanim) and a radio show on the anarchist radio in France.  And also a lot of conferences ... In fact wherever they let him talk about cinema.