Canadian Showcase
Canadian Showcase

Thursday September 17, 2015
03:00 PM to 04:30 PM
National Gallery
Sunday September 20, 2015
11:00 AM to 12:30 PM
National Gallery
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The showcase screenings are more of the best new animation work selected from over 2,000 entries. They feature a mixture of short independent films, TV commercials, series, student films, music videos, and more. 

Turning the spotlight on Canada’s notable techniques, stories, and experiments, the Canadian Showcase presents a diverse cross section of our host country’s most recent animated films. Expect animation and dance to perform a duet (Chainreaction), low-fi aesthetics to receive a hauntingly hi-fi makeover (Head Cleaner), and to gain insight into the lives of two of animation’s most cherished masters (My Heart AttackIf I Was God).

Individual tickets will be available online soon, and 30 minutes before showtime for all other screenings. 

Les vitrines du film sont la sélection du meilleur de l'animation, choisies parmi 2 000 concurrents. Nous présenterons en vedette des court métrages indépendants, des commerciaux et des émissions de télévision, des films étudiants, des vidéoclips de musique, et plus encore. 

Les billets à l'unité sont disponibles en ligne et 30 minutes à l'avance pour toutes les autres projections. 



Film Title Director(s) Production Company Nationality  
1.Chainreaction Dana GingrasMicroclimat filmsCanada 
2.A Little Craving Frances Adaic McKenzieNational Film Board of CanadaCanada 
3.All the Rage Alexandra LemayNational Film Board of CanadaCanada 
4.Luxuriate Alison DavisCanada 
5.Head Cleaner Emily PelstringCanada 
6.Strange and Primitive 'Difficulties Be Damned' Malcolm Sutherland & Simon CotteeCanada 
7.If I Was God Cordell BarkerNational Film Board of CanadaCanada 
8.e:e:e:e:e Brandon BlommaertCanada 
9.Thirty Masks Martine Frossard Canada 
10.Public Animal 'Careful' Ian JeansCanada 
11.Mia' Amanda Strong & Bracken Hanuse CorlettCanada 
12.My Heart Attack Sheldon CohenNational Film Board of CanadaCanada 
13.The Ballad of Immortal Joe Hector HerreraTOGETHER: Words+Pictures for Art & CultureCanada 
14.The Shutterbug Man Christopher WalshCanada 
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