Short Competition 4
Short Competition 4

Friday September 18, 2015
11:00 AM to 12:30 PM 
Sunday September 20, 2015
03:00 PM to 04:30 PM
SnapUp Tickets - SHORT FILM COMPETITION 4 (2nd Screening)

Cannes festival winner, Waves ’98 highlights a screening that includes potent works about identity (You Look Like Me), the history of human violence (Summer 2014), sensuality (Maku), a fuzzy gorilla (The Garden Ape) and a post-apocalyptic love affair with a blow-up doll (After The End).

The competition screenings are collections of the best new animation work selected from over 2,000 entries. They feature a mixture of short independent films, TV commercials, series, student films, music videos, and more. Sit with the Festival jury and decide which films you think should win.

Individual tickets are available online and at the door. 

Les séances en compétition sont une compilation des meilleurs films d'animation, sélectionnés parmi plus de 2000 inscriptions. Ces projections mêlent courts métrages indépendants, films de commandes, programmes de télévision, films étudiants, vidéoclips de musique, et plus encore. Asseyez-vous aux côtés du jury du Festival et choisissez vous aussi vos films favoris. 


Film Title Director(s) Production Company Nationality  
1.The Garden Ape Emma De Swaef & Marc James RoelsNatuurpuntBelgiumD - Commissioned
2.Paradise Awaits Tomek DuckiGemini Film Company LTD - UKPoland & PolandD - Commissioned
3.Maku (Veil) Yoriko MizushiriJapanB - Experimental
4.Tu ressembles à moi (You Look Like Me) Pierre Hébert & René LussierCanadaB - Experimental
5.Jazz Orgie Irina RubinaFilmakademie Baden-WuerttembergGermanyD - Commissioned
6.Loop Ring Chop Drink Nicolas MénardRoyal College of Art, AnimationUKC - Graduation
7.Sweet Talk Esteban AzuelaNational Film Board of CanadaCanadaB - Narrative
8.Lato 2014 (Summer 2014) Wojciech SobczykPolandB - Experimental
9.This Is How It Starts Shahaf RamBezalel Academy of Arts & DesignIsraelC - Undergraduate
10.After the End Sam SouthwardNational Film and Television SchoolUKC - Graduation
11.Waves '98 Ely DagherLebanonB - Narrative
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