TAC proves to be an invaluable resource for the industry, by offering two specialized programs dedicated to pitching: Fast Track and Pitch THIS! (TAC AnimaPass or TAC Only Pass required.)

Panel: Pitch THIS!

Pitch THIS! gives two producers the opportunity to steal everybody’s attention by revealing their new project to everyone in the TAC audience, which includes over 300 potential buyers, financiers, partners and industry masters.  Two brilliant ideas will be selected by our committee for a chance to WOW our panel of broadcasters and industry leaders for 10 minutes. Both producers and audience members alike will receive valuable feedback from a panel of broadcasters.

Pitches to be presented:

Wire Stories

Presenter:  Jonathan Ostos Yaber
Format (episodes x minutes): 22 episodes x 11 minutes
Target Audience (boys/girls and age): boy and girls  6 +
Animation Technique: Stop Motion and CGI shadow animation
Series Budget: $150,000 USD per episode

Synopsis: Mr. Wire is a great storyteller, that uses the power of his wire puppets to create amazing shadow theatre shows. In each show he will tell, to the children of his town, a new story based on famous and well known films and books, but with his very unique touch. And with a bit of magic he will take us inside those adventures full of humor, drama, sci fi, horror, action and love.

Beastly Bards

Presenter: Hector Herrera and Pazit Cahlon
Format (episodes x minutes): 6 X 4min
Target Audience (boys/girls and age): Boys and girls, 6-12, shared viewing
Animation Technique: 2D mixed-media computer animation
Series Budget: $23,260.00 per episode.

Synopsis:  Beastly Bards is an animated series featuring likeable monsters whose adventures are narrated in rhyming verse by iconic Canadian voices. Each 4-minute segment of Beastly Bards features a monster or two dealing with poignant yet everyday themes from the grand (love!) to the quotidian (lunch!). Each segment is clever enough for a 12-year-old to enjoy, while the rhymes, the silliness, and the graphic design will delight younger kids too.

Athena Georgaklis, Head of Development, Nelvana, Corus Entertainment
Melissa Wolfe, Development Executive, Kid’s Programming, Amazon Studios
Linda Simensky, Vice President, Children’s Programming, Public Broadcasting Service (PBS)

Moderated By:
Dave Skwarczek, Content Developer, Writer and Producer, Eat Your Lunch

Pitching: Fast Track

Fast Track gives you the opportunity to meet privately with all your targets in one shot.  This program is designed for those looking to pitch projects to broadcasters, distributors and production companies.
Fast Track is exclusively for fully registered TAC passholders.  All TAC passholders will receive an email reminding them of the registration date and time.  There will be a couple of days between the email and registration launch, so please take a moment to read each VIP's profile and questionnaire explaining what they are looking for, in order to set up sessions that will meet both their needs and yours.   For example, if you are pitching a show geared towards a mature demographic, a broadcaster seeking pre-school content will not be appropriate for you.

Remember, you cannot undo first impressions! Please no soliciting of services.


Once registration opens, log in to www.animationfestival.ca and you will find "Fast Track Registration" in your user menu. You must be a passholder in order to register. 

If last minute meetings are available, you may register the day of, on-site.

Fast Track Executives
Digital Dimension , ,
CCI Entertainment , ,
Raquel Benitez, CEO/Executive Producer, Comet Entertainment Inc.
Shannon Bishop, Manager, Creative Affairs, Entertainment One, Family & Brands
Mary Bredin, President/Creative Producer, Team TO/Green Tiger Club
Oneida Crawford, Development Coordinator, Muse Entertainment Enterprises Inc.
Ghislain Cyr, President & Producer, Sardine Productions Inc.
Jean de Vivie, Executive Producer, Image-in Atlantic
Vu Dieu Linh Do, Head of Product Marketing and Distribution, VinTaTa Animation Studio
Hugues Dufour, Production Executive, Teletoon, Original Programming, Corus Entertainment
Amanda Feder, Programming Coordinator - Acquisitions, Aboriginal Peoples Television Network (APTN)
Tanya Green, Head of Animated Series, Sinking Ship Entertainment
Andrew Healey, Development Executive, Portfolio Entertainment
Kirsten Hurd, Acquisitions, TVOkids, TVOkids
Scott Lowe, Producer, Renegade Animation
Rachel Marcus, Vice President, Creative Development, Guru Studio
Cory Morrison, Executive Vice President of Development, Big Jump Entertainment
Dave Padbury, Development Coordinator, Guru Studio
Sandrine Pechels de Saint Sardos, Consultant/Strategist in Co-productions, Productions, Creative Development, and Distribution,
Nathalia Peluso, Producer, Executive Producer, Freakproduction
Todd Ramsay, Creative Director, Yeti Farm Creative
Adam Rumanek, Founder / CEO, Aux Mode
Nancy Florence Savard, President & Producer, 10th Ave Productions
Coral Schoug, Producer, Kids & Family, Sonar Entertainment
Linda Simensky, Vice President, Children’s Programming, Public Broadcasting Service (PBS)
Rose Stacey, Coordinator, Atomic Originals, Atomic Cartoons
Valérie Tannier, Senior Manager, Original Content and Programming - Youth Dept, Radio-Canada
François Trudel, VP & Executive Producer, Groupe PVP Inc.
Tim Tyler, Producer / Director, Cheshire Smile Animation Inc.
David Wollos, Consultant / Agent, TheThinkTank Emporium
Xiaojuan Zhou, President, Attraction Distribution